Palm Beach Zoo in West Palm Beach, FL

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The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is a non-profit zoological organization located at Dreher Park in West Palm Beach. The Zoo houses more than 800 animals within 23-acres of lush tropical habitat. 

The zoo saw major changes starting in 2000. In March 2000, the zoo opened “Tiger Falls”, a new exhibit that was built for bengal tigers “Townee” and “Kali”. The exhibit now houses Malayan Tigers, with which the zoo has successfully had three cubs born. In 2001, the zoo completed the “Florida Pioneer Trail”, an exhibit showcasing animals found in local Florida swamps. The zoo’s interactive fountain plaza opened in 2003, and the 18 million-dollar “Harriet W. & George D. Cornell Tropics of the Americas” followed in 2004. The Palm Beach Zoo opened “Wallaby Station” and “Koala Forest” in 2010, which highlight wildlife from Australia.

In 2009, the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society opened the "Melvin J. and Claire Levine Animal Care Complex", a five million-dollar animal hospital located on the grounds of the zoo. The Animal Care Complex is the first LEED certified zoo hospital in the United States.

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is currently in development of Tiger Valley Breeding and Conservation Center, an expansion of the current Malayan tiger exhibit, with the "Henry and Charlotte Kimelman Tiger Falls Habitat." The expansion will increase the square footage of the current 10,000 square foot tiger exhibit, as well as double the size of the tiger night house. The groundbreaking for the exhibit will occur in 2014.

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