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About Sunshine Cathedral
Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale is a local denomination of Metropolitan Community Church (MCC). MCC and Sunshine Cathedral are a different kind of church where the past is the past and the future has infinite possibilities. Senior Pastor Rev. Durrell Watkins and the staff of MCC have created a community committed to learning, growing, loving and sharing. The community and Pastor Watkins hold a variety of beliefs that have changed over time. They affirm that each of us is a divine child of God, intrinsically good and a blessing to our world.
Although the state of Florida does not yet recognize same-sex marriages, Sunshine Cathedral does, and Metropolitan Community Churches as a denomination has since 1968.
These services at Sunshine Cathedral blend the liturgy of the earliest Christian church — a pattern which has been followed for over 1700 years — with contemporary spirituality and life-affirming messages. The Cathedral Choir and Orchestra provides inspiring music for this powerful worship experience.
Sunday ~ 9:00AM (ASL)
Sunday ~ 10:30AM
Wednesday ~ Mid-Week Service: 7:00PM
OUTLandish Comedy Series Presents Fran Drescher
The OUTLandish Comedy Series welcomed comedienne Fran Drescher to The Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale for "Schmoozing with Fran Drescher." The event featured not only her, her ex-husband Peter Mark Jacobson, parents Morty & Sylvia, as well as her "The Nanny" Mother Rene Taylor.
Pam Ann's NYE Show at The Sunshine Cathedral
Sunserve's Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale welcomed comedienne Pam Ann in her NYE Flight 2018 concert as part of the Outlandish Fort Lauderdale concert series.
Celebration of Life for Bishop SF Makalani-Mahee at Sunshine Cathedral
Sunserve's Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale hosted the Celebration of Life for Bishop SF Makalani-Mahee. The event, filled to capacity, featured many friends, family, and community members celebrating his life.
Pam Ann at The Sunshine Cathedral
Sunserve's Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale, FL recently hosted comedianne and flight attendant Pam Ann in her Queen of the Sky concert as part of the Outlandish FL concert series.  
Transsexual Renaming Ceremony at The Sunshine Cathedral
The Pride Center at Equality Park of Fort Lauderdale recently hosted the Transsexual Renaming Ceremony at The Sunshine Cathedral. This ceremony helped members of the Trans Community with their identiy and celebrated their new beginings.

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