New York Grilled Cheese Restaurant in Wilton Manors, FL

Mark Haines
Alexander Northman
Say cheese! New York Grilled Cheese is the latest addition to casual dining on Wilton Drive. And what better way to improve your day than with America's classic sandwich, the toasted grilled cheese? This ain't your mama's American cheese on Wonder Bread kind of place. The delightful combinations include a variety of breads and fine cheeses. Owner Leor Barak has created a tasty and unique addition to the Wilton Manors dining scene. 

Wondering what's on the menu? The Broadway Classic is basic American, simple and oohy-gooey. The Blue Buffalo-Has Buffalo Chicken tenders and a special Blue Cheese. Manhattan Grilled Mac N' Cheese is perfect for those who want to recapture their childhood. The Brooklyn Porkster is an amazing pulled pork sandwich. The Wall Street Grindr is fabulous and yes, Grindr approves of the use and the sandwich is promoted on Grindr. For most people there will be nothing like the satisfaction of hooking up with a grilled cheese sandwich. The Harlem Jalapeno Melt has Jalapeno Poppers sliced up and melted. 

In addition to the sandwiches, you'll also find, Frozen Sangria with a fruit garnish, Poutine-(Disco Fries) with cheese gravy and chives and believe it or not, bacon lollipops. There are soups like the tasty Tomato Bisque.
NYGC has the formula of speedy service, high quality and fresh food. They bring you America's BEST classic comfort foods, with a little twist!


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Smart Ride Benefit at New York Grilled Cheese
Hosted by Brie (Daisy Deadpetals), the 2016 Cheesearama SMART Ride Benefit was held at New York Grilled Cheese in Wilton Manors.
Smart Ride Benefit at New York Grilled Cheese
The 2015 Cheesearama Smart Ride Benefit was held at New York Grilled Cheese in Wilton Manors, Florida. Their annual benefit was hosted by Daisy Deadpetals, had DJ Mario spinning all night, and lots of food.
Smart Ride Benefit at New York Grilled Cheese
The 2015 "Cheese-A-Rama" Smart Ride Benefit was held at New York Grilled Cheese in Wilton Manors, Florida. Their annual benefit was hosted by Daisy Deadpetals, had DJ Mario spinning all night, and provided lots of heavenly grilled cheese. 

New York Grilled Cheese's 2nd Anniversary
New York Grilled Cheese on Wilton Drive recently hosted a party for their 2nd Anniverary with raffles that benefitted The Pride Center and featured Hotess Daisy Deadpetals.
Bustin' Up Cheesy Benefit at New York Grilled Cheese
New York Grilled Cheese on Wilton Drive hosted a Bustin' Up Cheesy Party that benefited the American Cancer Society. To help kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month, they hosted a family friendly fundraiser that included raffle prizes and performances by Vinyl BLVD.
Smart Ride Benefit at New York Grilled Cheese
New York Grilled Cheese on Wilton Drive hosted their annual Smart Ride Benefit with hostess Misty Eyez.
New York Grilled Cheese's Grand Opening
New York Grilled Cheese on Wilton Drive that is a cafe in the back of Nuts About Yogurt. They recently held their Grand Opening with a party hosted by Misty Eyez and was affiliated with Broward House.

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