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YouTube star Davey Wavey has amassed quite a YouTube following over the last eight years—some 300 million views in all.  Described by Davey as “the best job in the world,” he gets to experience life and travel around the world dishing a variety of humorous, sexually-charged topics, including “How to Give Brojobs,” “Are Virgins Hot,” and “Can You Make a Straight Guy Gay?” But it’s not just all about sex with Davey—he has also captured stories focusing on AIDS and the older generation’s perspective.  Mark’s List recently spoke with Davey about his YouTube success, his top five favorite videos, his affinity for underwear, childhood obesity and what you can expect to see in 2016.

How many YouTube channels do you have now and what does each focus on?

I have two active channels. My main YouTube channel is where I upload the more polished content. Those videos take a bit more time and effort to produce, but mainly tackle topics around sex and sexuality. On my second channel, I post less-scripted content and share opinions or experiences from life.

Although there are hundreds of videos to choose from, do you have a ‘Davey’s Top Five’ video list?

Last year I uploaded a video of women seeing their vaginas for the first time. It’s probably my all-time favorite video.

I also did a video of a straight guy bottoming, which sounds salacious but was actually about the stigma straight guys have against anal play.

Switching gears, I biked with a middle-aged dad for seven days from San Francisco to Los Angeles to capture the story about his son who died of AIDS in 2013. It was a really powerful story and I was honored to share it. 

I also really enjoy a video that I created where LGBT seniors shared advice with the younger generation. Many young people don’t understand or appreciate the sacrifices made by the older generation, so it felt important to create a video that spotlights it.

Last but not least, I had a really fun interview with Steve Grand that I enjoy—mostly because I touched his chest.

You deal with many sexual topics in your videos. Is there a limit to what you would talk about (or do) on camera?

There’s definitely a limit. But, as it turns out, YouTube community guidelines are stricter than my own limitations—so my videos are generally guided by those parameters. I’d love to be edgier, but the reality is that I’m already pushing the platform’s boundaries.

I read that you have an affinity for underwear.  What are some of your top styles and/or brands?

I’m a bit biased, but I launched an underwear line in 2014 through a successful Kickstarter campaign called DirtyFit Apparel. As someone who loves underwear, I took everything that I loved and rolled it into one brand. Our mission is to create the best underwear in the world, and I think we’re succeeding in that pursuit. Right now, they’re available online at and on Amazon.

How does being a “YouTube sensation” affect your personal life?  Does it make it easier or harder to date?

Well, it makes it easier to get laid but harder to date. Fortunately, I have a lovely, sweet boyfriend so I don’t have to worry about dating.

Physically and personality wise, what do you look for in guys?

I try not to be too narrow in my physical preferences, but when it comes to personality I’m extremely picky. To me, there’s nothing sexier than kindness—and it’s certainly a quality that I look for in a partner. I don’t party or drink or stay up late, so really I just like sharing my time with someone who is sweet and loving.

What are some of the subjects you are going to tackle in 2016? What about travel destinations?

One of the best perks of being a YouTuber is having the opportunity to see the world. In the first half of 2016, I’m excited to travel to both Japan and South Africa for the first time. As for topics to tackle, I’ll continue to use my platform to share stories that matter. I launched a YouTube scholarship called Rising Rainbows ( late last year for under-represented LGBT voices, so I’ll be uploading content from the recipients throughout the year. I’m really looking forward to that.

The Olympics are coming to Rio this summer.  Perhaps you can get access to some of the hot male athletes?

I wouldn’t mind that at all! Let’s do it!

If you could feature any male celebrity in one of your videos, who would it be?

I’d love to film with President Obama. He’s done a lot for our community and I think that’s pretty hot. Unfortunately, I don’t think my phone will be ringing anytime soon.

During your childhood you struggled with obesity and now you’re a certified personal trainer.  How has that evolution impacted your life?

Being a fat kid is something that, even as an adult, I haven’t really been able to escape. It’s hard enough to grow up as a feminine boy, but adding obesity into the equation doesn’t make things easier. That name-calling and teasing stays with you, and certainly has an impact. As I got older, I exercised because I hated my body and hated the way I looked. Now I exercise because I love my body. I don’t love my body because it looks a certain way, but rather because it’s the vehicle through which I experience love. It’s allowed me to do so many wonderful things. I still have my issues—we all do—but exercise is one way that I can honor my body and give it the gift of movement and care that it craves.

What’s one thing you want your fans to know about the Davey Wavey who lives off camera?

Mostly, I’d just remind my audience of how grateful I am that they’ve been tuning in all these years. More than 700 years of human life have been spent watching my YouTube videos. That’s a lot of time, and it’s something that I’m extremely grateful for. Thank you!

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