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Misty Eyez Drag Queen Movie Reviews


Misty Eyez, "The Quick Critic" At The Movies

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Use movie posters or hyperlinks below to read full reviews.  µ indicates film of Gay and Lesbian interest.
Movie Rating In Theater On DVD The Quick Critic's 10 Word Movie Review
20 Centimeters µµµµµ
November 10
Show Times
  Truly genius. Interesting journey with a narcoleptic pre-operative Transsexual prostitute.
Shortbus µµµµµ   A movie driven by story line and deep, penetrating plot.
Grudge 2 µµ   No real character development. Creepy but not scary. Overall annoying.
Gray Matters µµµµµ   Crazy, funny wit, excellent cinematography and deeply emotional character development.
The Life of Reilly µµ   Educational, slow, dramatic and tragic Gay true life story.
A Very Serious Person µµµ   Interesting, slow story of a Gay boy and his mentor.
Shut Up and Sing µµµµ   Not about singing. Well acted, uplifting, true-to-life story.
Ten 'til Noon µµµ   Gay subplot. Surprising end that makes the movie worth seeing.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre µµµµµ   Holy shit! Horrific, gut wrenching, disturbing. Best slasher movie ever.
The Departed µµµµ   Dark, raw, explosive, hard edged Scorsese movie will not disappoint.
Queens µµµµµ   Brilliant and clever. Successfully avoids cliché stereotypes of Gay people.
School for Scoundrels µµµµµ   Laugh your ass off. Exceptional supporting cast steals many scenes.
Jackass Number 2 µµµµ   TV show times 10. Check morals at door. Homoerotic material.
Gridiron Gang µµµµµ   Raw, realistic and brutally direct story line. Emotional roller coaster.
Poster Boy µµµµ   Powerful touching story. Enjoyable, emotional ride. Based on Cheney family.
Crank µµµ   Two hour big budget MTV style commercial. Sexy naked girls.
The Wicker Man µµ   Less than startling, scary or thrilling. Underlying girl power theme.
Trust the Man µµµµµ   Hidden Gem. Absolute must see. Superb acting and unbridled chemistry.
How to Eat Fried Worms µµµµµ   An absolute must see for Gay parents and their children.
Material Girls µµµ   Lighthearted film that will make you laugh. No climactic scenes.
Invincible µµµµµ   Disney makes a true sport film that evokes all emotions.
The Black Dahlia µµµµ   Complex, intricate, tangled plot. True suspenseful murder mystery. Lesbian overtones.
Another Gay Movie µµµµµ   Soon Parody flick. Campy dialogue, explicit Gay humor and sexy boys.
Lunacy µµ   Soon Artistic horror movie. Refreshing psychotic ending that focused on story.
µµµµµ Stand in line and be the first to see it
µµµµ Wait until tomorrow, but don't miss it.
µµµ See it when you have time.
µµ Wait for the dollar matinee, there'll be one!
µ I lost two hours of my life, don't bother.


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