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Misty Eyez Drag Queen Movie Reviews  
Misty Eyez


Knocked Up Loved it *****(Five Stars) 

I don't think Knocked Up could get any more adorable.  Director Judd Apatow is truly able to capture everyone's heart; both young, old,  and both male and female audiences alike.  As he may have shown previous audiences in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.  

This film is perfect for big groups going to the theatre, especially groups that cannot decide on a movie.  This story was not a chick flick but definitely had tender moments as Allison Scott (Katherine Heigl) a gorgeous and well put together girl realizes she is pregnant by the jobless and dorky Ben Stone (Seth Rogen.)  The more testosterone driven masculine Guys will enjoy the dude aspect of this film for there are raw and unfiltered manly man moments as Ben's house is full of his guy friends sitting around smoking pot and none of them have real jobs.

We can all relate to Allison's pain as she wakes up next to a guy and she was like, OMG we slept together.  However fortunately the gay male population cannot be further tortured with her agony as she gets pregnant and as a situation to deal with.   Do I keep the baby?  Do I keep the Father?  Do I even tell the Father?  Do I raise my baby alone?

This movie is so real and genuine.   Watch out for it is capable of touching the soft spot you didn't know you had, but you will enjoy every minute for this film is super duper funny.


Knocked Up