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Misty Eyez


The Curiosity of Chance LOVED IT *****(FIVE STARS)

curiosity of chance movie review miami gay and lesbian film festival mglff brett chukerman russell p marleau tad hilgenbrinkThe curiosity of chance is a remarkable film!  This was not a high speed action movie, a life changing drama or even a thrilling suspense movie, however this was a truly enjoyable ride none-the-less.   The writer and Director Russell P. Marleau was brilliant in his ability to capture and portray the awkwardness of what it's like to be a unique gay high school student.

"If you had a choice between being ostracized for wearing a weird hat or for being Gay, which one would you choose?"

We zoom into the life of Chance Marquis (Tad Hilgenbrink) who is a military son and is forced to move to another High School this one being the international school in England where he is most definitely labeled an outcast immediately.   What is a boy to do? He doesn't fit in and he doesn't feel as though he belongs so instead of bringing attention to his obvious gayness he brings attention to his uniqueness; he dresses very bizarre for a High School student.  As the audience part of you wants to laugh at the weirdness he curiosity of chance movie review miami gay and lesbian film festival mglff brett chukerman russell p marleau tad hilgenbrinkportrays but almost immediately you will be drawn into his warmth and compassion, and his clever and quick witted tongue.   He has a little sister who is equally as brilliant, but also equally as bizarre. She has an amazing fake accent. 

I feel the only unbelievable character in this film was the father. He was a bit too understanding and accepting for a military dad in my opinion.  The production was so good that it was hard to believe this was a low budget indie film.  Everything from the lighting to the camera angles were great. And then there's the super hot next door neighbor and high school classmate Levi Sparks (Brett Chukerman.)

It was great to see such a spectacular film will be showing at the festival, especially one in English that caters to a younger audience.  Go see this movie, on some level you will relate to what it's like to be unique and weird in High School, and if anything you will make a new friend in Chance Marguis. 

movie review miami gay and lesbian film festival mglffThis film will be shown as part of the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

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