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Bowing to pressure from County Officials, the World Famous CUPIDS CABARET prepares to change from being Florida’s only nude male strip club to a new nightclub venue with an emphasis on celebrating all “Lifestylez”.  Long known for bringing in the hottest male dancers and porn stars from around the country, Cupids now finds itself caught up in the pressures of a conservative county government and plans to change the venue rather than close its doors.  As of June 30, 2007 Cupids Cabaret will no longer offer all nude dancers, but rather it will change names to Lifestylez and offer an alternative nightclub experience to the West Palm Beach club scene.  Brandy Powell, Cupids Owner will remain the owner of the new venue and she stated “I am very excited about the new venue and I look forward to welcoming all my loyal Cupids customers and new customers to Lifestylez!  At Lifestylez, we will celebrate inclusiveness and give our customers a friendly and fun place to come out and celebrate with us!”

I sat down with AJ Cross the General Manager of the club to bring you the details and to dispel the rumors that have been flying about the club for some time now.

GIO      AJ, thank you for taking time to share with the readers the latest information about Cupids and the upcoming changes to the club.

AJ        It's my pleasure.  I think the community deserves to know what is going from the horses mouth.

GIO      There have been many rumors about Cupids closing because of a State crack down on nude dancing or other reasons…what is really going on?

AJ        It is not so much the state.  Palm Beach county, after seven years of allowing Cupids to operate as an all nude male strip club, has now decided that it is not in the county's best interest to have an adult industry business in operation. 

Brandy Powell, Cupids Owner will remain the owner of the new venue and she stated "I am very excited about the new venue and I look forward to welcoming all my loyal Cupids customers and new customers to Lifestylez!"

GIO      Can you share with the readers why Brandy (Cupids Queen B and Owner) decided to change the club format from Naked Stripper Bar to a Dance Club with Go-Go- Dancers on boxes?

AJ        Brandy and I made the joint decision that it was much too costly to continue to fight the court battle over our right to conduct our business as we have for seven years.  We also decided that if it was a gay issue motivating the county, then we were not going to just lie down and close our doors.  We talked in great detail about some options and decided that an "Open to All" dance club was the right move to make.  West Palm needs a fun, fresh new social environment and we're going to give it to them

GIO      What is the format going to be for the new venue and are you going to change the name from Cupids?

AJ        The new format starts with a new interior image. We have put in a new large dance floor, new performance style stage for some of the performers we are planning to book.  The new LIGHT SHOW is amazing.  It feels like there are thousands of lights all over the place.  The sound system is being updated and will include wired music.  We are introducing live music and percussion on the weekends as well.

            We will also have new hours and days of operation.  Open 5 days a week Wed-Sun from 9 PM-5 AM. Finally, the name Cupids will be put into the hall of fame for gay night clubs for all time.  The new name of the club will be called....LIFESTYLEZ Night Club "Open To All Lifestylez"

GIO      For all the loyal Cupids customers that have come to expect a certain type of entertainment, what can they expect from this new club that will keep them coming back?

AJ        They can expect a CLEAN, DRAMA FREE dance club with courteous happy staff, great drinks, awesome music and fresh new social events.

            We will have an official 18-21 Party that will be insane and fun and welcome to everyone...Over 21 will never pay a cover on that night (which is huge news for Cupids, which has always had covers on every night) 18-21 pays $7.00 Cover and must purchase 2 Drink Virgin Drink Tickets @ the door.  No ID No ENTRY

"At Lifestylez, we will celebrate inclusiveness and give our customers a friendly and fun place to come out and celebrate with us!" Brandy Powell

Thursday will be an anything goes Talent Contest for dancers, singers, poets or even physique. $50 cash prize 

Friday will be just a great night for everyone to come and dance all night long.  $12 cover gets you a free drink ticket as well.

Saturday will be an amazing LATIN night with live percussion bongo player, Salsa, Meringue, Brazilian sounds, and Tropical sounds.  There will be a dress code on this evening and once a month we will book a live Latin Band, and we expect great success on this night

Sundays will bring Misty Eyes up to the club to host a rising star drag competition with performances by Misty and special guests.  $50 Cash Prize & other prizes plus chance to win a booking to perform at the new club. NO COVER FOR ANYONE ON THIS NIGHT

GIO      Cupids has long been known as the “Home for the biggest names in Gay Porn,” will the new club still bring in big name porn stars to entertain your guests from time-to-time?

AJ        You never know what will happen.  But we will attempt to be a fun place for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, color, or anything that might keep people apart.  We will no longer be an adult entertainment based club, so our booking money will most likely be used for live bands, good marketing, and incentives for customers such as prize money and customer awards programs.

GIO      As you know, I was in the club this past weekend for the Bo Dixon appearance and you have made changes to the interior by removing the old stage (in the center of the room with the dancer pole) and replaced it with a dance floor.  It looks awesome in there!  What other changes is the club planning?

AJ        Well I talked about some of the changes already.  Some of the other things we are planning will be announced on the GRAND OPENING on July 3rd, Independence Day Eve.

GIO      Change is often times a scary proposition.  What do you consider the biggest risks and rewards from this change?

AJ        I think that we have to support our Gay Owned or Operated establishments and work within the system, even if it is dead set against us being successful, like in the case of Cupids.  My fear is that the gay community will see our change as an abandonment of some kind when in actuality, we are changing in order to maintain our presence and to keep providing a place for people to have fun, express their individuality and even sexuality without judgment.  Hopefully, we will succeed in becoming a great hotspot in West Palm beach in our new capacity.  We our dedicated to keeping things fresh and new.  The only reward will be everyone saying they had an amazing time at the end of the night.

GIO      When will the club officially change over from Cupids?

AJ        Our last day of operation as Cupids will be Saturday, June 30 and we will be having a huge party to say good bye.  We will be inviting everyone to come say good bye and will be auctioning off Cupids memorabilia for charity. 

          July 3 will be our huge GRAND OPENING and we are currently working with Pride Radio 99.5 and Clear Channel to air live from the new club LIFESTYLEZ on that evening.  I am currently negotiating live performances for the evening as well.  We will showcase our new light show and sounds that will be heard at the new club. 

GIO      For those reading this outside the Palm Beach area, what will make your club different and attractive to bring people from the greater Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area up to the new venue?

AJ        Well, the Latin night will be a huge success as our research has indicated a very strong need for such an evening.  We will book amazing Salsa and Meringue Bands and introduce other live music performers.  Many people had fears about coming to Cupids, but those fears can go away, because LIFESTYLEZ will be a classy, clean, fun club for all lifestylez.

GIO      Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

AJ        COME SAY GOOD BYE to one of the most famous strip clubs in the country, Cupids Cabaret.         We will be inviting many of the Porn Stars that have graced our stage for our last night as Cupids on June 30. We are not giving up or going away without a fight.  Come support the club that has been there for your entertainment for over 7 years.

            The Grand Opening on July 3 will be amazing and we want to invite everyone to come and see the new club, and party all night.  We are inviting local and national celebrities’ club owners, managers and staff to see what we hope will be the hottest club in W. Palm Beach!


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