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The Web Just Got HOTTER!

Check out the latest gay xxx studio to make their debut on the internet…
Kyle Major's Cocky Boys!



Kyle was kind enough to give me a sneak peak to the site prior to the official launch and I can tell you that this site is worth the price of admission.  The “Cockyboys” are Hot and the action is even Hotter!   

Still in the early stages of their Launch, promises to deliver Southern California’s hottest men via Streaming Video on your computer screen.  My general take on this site is that you get to see all the Hot Guys that Kyle meets in the LA area doing what comes natural to them…SEX!  And who doesn’t like to see hot young men getting off by themselves and with each other?  This site is a Voyeur’s dream come true.  With scene content being updated 1-2 times a week and once a month Live Cam Shows, their will be no shortage of flesh for the subscriber. 

To help you understand a little more about the world of Kyle Majors’ and his CockyBoys, I pulled the following directly from his online diary: I’m Kyle Majors.  Welcome to my world – my fantasies – my journey – my sexual evolution - all played out before your eyes.  Basically, I’m a 26 year old voyeur living in LaLa-Land.   

You might say I’m a bit of a socialite in the LA scene.  I work for a major studio.  At night I like to play.  I play the scene, and the boys.  I go to all the clubs, Heaven, East West, Eleven, and always have my posse of hot bods at my side.  Sundays are volleyball at the beach, followed by margaritas at Fiesta.  And sex, well sex is 24 / 7.  The great thing about Los Angeles is when you get the urge, there’s always a fix.  When you want to fuck, there’s a hot piece of ass just a few feet away.  My boys and I are the most oversexed hotties in town.  We’re always fucking, sucking, jerking, and cumming.  I have the life everyone wants.  

I get off watching hot guys have sex.  I love everything about it.  The sound of one jock’s balls slamming into another’s ass.  The expression on a beautiful boy’s face as a giant cock is shoved in his ass.  He wants nothing more than for it to stop, and nothing more than to feel it again.  Seeing a guy’s muscles tense up just before he cums, and then seeing him blow his load.  And the scent, I fucking love the scent.

It gets better when they do what I tell them to do.  I’m not just watching – I’m controlling – giving them pleasure, holding it back, changing the positions.  If you’ve never jacked off to two hot boys fucking in front of you as they obey your every command, you really must try it.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats it.

My crew usually ends up at my loft after a long night.  Lofts don’t have walls.  If someone wants to bust a nut, he just does it.  It’s cool.  It’s understood.  Every night some craziness goes down.  Sometimes I join in.  Sometimes I watch.  I always get off.  One of my boys likes for me to put a nightstick up his ass while he sucks my cock.  Now that’s a good time.  Occasionally my boys and I even act out little scenes.  My favorite thing is kicking back with a Grey Goose martini after a long night out and watching two hot boys fuck.  One shredded muscle boy grabbing another one’s hair while he pounds him doggie style.  Olives anyone?

We had a party one night and hired two porn stars to fuck around on a futon in the middle of the room.  One of my friends said to me, “you know this is the way porn should be – no complicated stories just a great location with hot boys fucking – no lavish costumes or stupid uniforms – just cock pounding ass.  If people could see our lives no one would ever buy porn.”

That comment gave me an idea.  Why not film it?  In some sense it is the logical evolution of my fetish.  I would have a living diary of all of my craziness.   Originally this website was really just a way for me to watch my own amateur clips.  Then over dinner one night Falcon Studios pornstar Derrick Vinyard told me that he was looking to sell his website and retire.  Something told me to buy it and make it my own living fantasy - a sex journal of sorts.  I tapped a bud of mine at work to make some changes to the site and give it the “Kyle Majors” touch – where cocks meet boys and boys meet cocks – if you know what I mean.  The rest is history.  

I hope you enjoy my musings from Cali, and I hope you cum a lot.  I certainly have.

Peace out.






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