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Gio Interviews Noah Driver

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Below The Belt with Noah Driver

Noah Driver may be a relative newcomer to the world of gay porn, but this 19 year old has already gained a strong fan base through his work with the amazing Randy Blue!  With a number of scenes completed with Randy Blue, Noah has just completed his first major studio film with Falcon Studios and has become one of FabScout Entertainment’s most in demand models.  With a few more projects coming up this year and the launch of his own website next week, Noah Driver is poised and ready for a great future in the gay porn industry.  I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Noah about his career, his goals and his passions in life. 

GIO                 Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. 

Noah              You are very welcome Gio. 

GIO                 At your ripe young age of 19, how did you decide to pursue working in gay porn? 

Noah              It had always been a fantasy of mine ever since I was 16 years old and discovered gay porn.  I wanted to try it out and after all…what is better than getting paid to have sex with hot guys? (Laughs) 

GIO                 You discovered gay porn at 16, how did you do that? 

Noah              (Laughs) the internet, I used to download it and change the names of the file names to my favorite song titles in an effort to hide it. Later on, after I came out to my family I did not hide it anymore. 

GIO                 I know you have been under contract with and that your work with Randy Blue was your first in this industry correct? How did you come to work for Randy Blue?




Noah              Yes, Randy Blue was the first company I worked for and I am so glad I did!  I started by sending a few of my  pictures to a few websites and within 30 minutes of sending my photos to Randy Blue I heard back from him and he asked me if I wanted to fly to California the following week to shoot.  They are all wonderful guys at Randy Blue and great to work with.  Everyone is very professional and I have had a great experience working with Randy and I am so happy my first porn experience was with Randy Blue. 

GIO                 That is awesome and I am also a big fan of Randy Blue and concur that you did well by working with him for your entry into the gay porn industry.  Having had such a great experience and doing several scenes with Randy Blue, what made you decide to pursue working with other studios and doing a DVD movie? 

Noah              Well as I said, I totally love working with Randy Blue and my decision to do other movies has in no way anything to do with my work on Randy Blue.  Rather, I entered this business to fulfill my own fantasies and I also wanted to do work with the larger studios  that produce full movies.  I just did a movie with Falcon Studios called DARE Directed by Jett Blakk that will come out in December.  Shooting that movie was a really fun time for me.  We shot it on location in Palmdale, California and I did a scene with Cort Donovan who is a really nice guy and we had good chemistry.  Everybody with Falcon Studios was great and getting to work with them was another fantasy of mine.  With Randy Blue, I am allowed to do DVD movies with other studios; I am not allowed to do any other internet sites per my contract. 

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Braxton Bond, Riley Burke, Cort Donovan and Noah Driver on the set of DARE.

Photo Courtesy of Unzipped Online.


GIO                 That is great!  Now that you are fulfilling your fantasies of becoming a gay porn star, complete this sentence…The best part about being a gay porn performer is… 

Noah              Sitting on a big dick! (Big Laugh) 

GIO                 And the worst part about performing in a gay porn is… 

Noah              There really is not a bad part, I love everything about it! 

GIO                 Where do you see yourself going in this industry? 

Noah              Hopefully doing a lot more DVD work and trying to get my name out there and becoming more of a recognized name in this industry.  I hope to work with more of the big name studios and I love traveling, so I hope I get to do more of that as well. 

GIO                 Aside from the porn industry, what are you passionate about?


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Noah              I grew up in a family that was very involved in water sports (Huge Laugh)…not that kind…I mean water skiing and what not.  I was on a competitive water skiing team for about nine years and I got to travel and compete all over the place.  I have also been surfing and wake boarding my whole life as well and I really love to travel.  A couple of my favorite places to go are Rum Cay in the Bahamas or Costa Rica, they are both just beautiful.  I just love traveling to tropical places. 

                        I have worked on a boat ever since I graduated high school being a first mate and that has allowed me to travel to some great places.  I have been up and down the entire east cost, through the Panama Canal and all over the Caribbean.  

GIO                 That is very cool.  Are you still working on a boat now? 

Noah              I do it from time-to-time now.  However, being on the water is my passion and I am sure I will always have ties to boating in some form or fashion.  My dad is also a Captain of a boat, so whenever he needs my help I am there for him as well. 

GIO                 Are you out to your family and do they know about doing the gay porn work? 

Noah              I am out to my family and that took a little bit for them to get used to.  Actually, my family found out about the gay porn work about one week ago.  At first I denied it to them and then I just came clean with them about it and gave them the reasons for me doing gay porn.  Well, at least I gave them the reasons that they would want to hear, I was not 100% truthful to help spare their feelings. They are very understanding though and my Grandma that I grew up with is 85 years old and she is probably the most understanding out of everyone.


GIO                 That is cool about your Grandma, sometimes the older generation is not as set in their ways as we think they are.  So, what type of guy do you look for in a partner? 

Noah              My type ranges.  I love country looking boys, like the type that just came off the farm.  I love surfer guys of course since I am a surfer. I love Latinos as well.  Mainly they have to have a good sense of humor, a nice body and someone that stays active and healthy.  They also need to make their own money and not be 25 and still living at home. 

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GIO                 Do you feel that working in this industry is a help or hindrance in finding men? 

Noah              I guess it goes both ways…you just have to find the right person out there for you and if they cannot accept you for what you do, then they are not the right person for you.  I was talking to a guy a while ago, but he moved away.  However, when I told him about my porn work he was totally cool with it.  Of course there will sometimes be the jealousy thing because it is a given that I will have sex with other guys when I do a porn movie, but it is not that bad.  There are enough guys out there that will accept this side of me.  And I am not going to make this a lifetime career either; I am mainly just fulfilling a fantasy right now while I can. 

GIO                 Speaking of Fantasy, is there anything or anyone that you have not done on film yet that you want to? 

Noah              (Big Smile) Yes, having sex with Eric Rhodes.  I love him, I used to watch him when he first started with Falcon and he is definitely my dream guy. 

GIO                 Well perhaps that will come true when he reads this!  Anyone else you would like to work with either in the industry or out of it? 

Noah              My other dream guy is Reichen Lehmkuhl, Lance Bance’s ex boyfriend.  I even read his book and I hate to read!  He is gorgeous.  Within the industry I loved working with Cort Donovan and I would work with him again for sure.  I would also love to work with RomanHart and Francois Sagat

GIO                 Francois Sagat is so different from the other guys you mentioned; he is more rugged and hairy. 

Noah              Exactly, like I said, my tastes range and Francois is not only beautiful but from what I have read about him he seems to be a really nice guy.  Oh, and also RJ Danvers would be cool to work with, he is hairy and younger. 

GIO                 That is a nice range of hotties to choose from!  How did you come to be represented by FabScout Entertainment

Noah              Actually I contacted FabScout after seeing their tent at Gay Days in Orlando.  I spoke to a couple people that were represented by them and found out they were the best in the industry and so I got in   touch with Howard and now here I am doing an interview with you and getting some amazing photos done by you.  Everyone at FabScout has been great and we are getting a lot of work lined up for the next year for me.


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GIO                 It is easy to capture great images when you have a model as good as you!  (He Laughs and blushes)  If I were to ask your two closest friends what your best attributes were, what would they say? 

Noah              It depends, if you ask my straight best friend she would say my sense of humor.  If you ask my lesbian best friend and roommate that I grew up with, she would say my dimples are my best attribute. 

GIO                 You do have good dimples.  What would they say is your area of opportunity to improve upon?

Noah              My friend Naomi would say my chest.  She is a personal trainer and is always telling me I need a bigger chest.  She is also my roommate and to be honest, I really never went to the gym much.  I got my workouts from surfing and skiing.  But, now I do have to get     more serious about the gym because there is so much competition     in this business to have a great physique. 

GIO                 Exactly, what do you think is your best physical feature? 

Noah              Probably my ass!  I have a pretty good bubble butt and most people comment on that first with me.


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GIO                 If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? 

Noah              A dolphin, so I could surf the waves and the ocean all the time. 

GIO                 Great answer!  Cats or dogs? 

Noah              Definitely a dog lover.  Between me and my roommates we have three dogs.  A Pug Puppy, an American Bull Dog/Lab Mix that is adorable and a rescued mutt.  I love to go to the dog park with my dogs, so more of a dog guy than a cat guy. 

GIO                 What is the craziest pick up line ever used on you? 

Noah              That is an interesting question.  Ummm…well I work at a bar dancing in Ybor City and this guy recognized me from Randy Blue and approached me and said “since you work for Randy Blue, how much would I have to pay to get you.” (Laughs)  That was a kind of crazy one that hit me from out of nowhere.  It may not be that crazy because there are lots of guys that do Rentboy and stuff, but that was a first for me. 

GIO                 Do you get recognized often and is that awkward? 

Noah              Well when I am dancing, I usually have one to two guys per night come up to me and recognize me from Randy Blue.  I am not shy about it and since I chose to do this work it is not a big deal for people to approach me.  I actually like talking about it and so it is totally cool with me to be recognized.


GIO                 What plans do you have for the future and for your fans to see more of you? 

Noah              Well I will have own website is being launched with FabScout next week at and there will be a blog, photos and other stuff for people to see on my site. 

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GIO                 That sounds good.  What advice would you have for anyone else who is young and wanting to get into this industry? 

Noah              Do not even think twice about!  If it is your dream or fantasy, do not let anyone talk you out of it.  I was kind of scared going into it and wondered what people would say that knew me and of course the gay community can be quite judgmental about these things, but for me it was not bad at all.  At first I had a couple friends that were shocked, but they go over it and are now very supportive.  So if you want to do it, go for it…you only live once! 

GIO                 Anything else you would like to share with the readers? 

Noah              Just keep an eye out for my new website and feel free to ask me any questions you want in my blog.  Oh, and for the record I am not an escort or a RentBoy, so please do not ask me about that as I am not available for hire (Laughs).  Oh, and one last thing…Thank you to my existing fans and I look forward to gaining new fans in the future!


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