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Below The Belt with… Gay Porn Super Hunk

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jason hawke voodoo lounge jocks video dvd xxx sex gay male porn star below the belt interview chi chi larue

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B-Day            February 14th (Valentine Baby)

Height            5’10”

Weight           185 Lbs

Eyes               Green

Hair                Brown

Cock              8” Uncut


Jason has starred in over 60 movies, to see them click HERE 

German born stud is certainly one of the most successful gay porn stars working in the industry today.  From his discovery eight years ago by an agent while living in Venice Beach, CA which brought him to his first movie role in Lords of Jet Set Manor (under the name Jay Heiss) he has performed in over 60 films and is still as sought after today as he was at the beginning of his career.  With his stunning green eyes, smooth supple skin and a sexual energy that exudes the moment you meet him it is no wonder why he has become one of the biggest stars in gay porn today.  However, putting all his amazing physical characteristics to the side, this man is truly sweet, gentle and caring on the inside. From the moment you meet him, you know that you are in the presence of an amazing guy!  He does not take himself too seriously and credits his success to “being real.” 

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Jason after his recent show at VooDoo Lounge, Fort Lauderdale to bring you this insightful and entertaining interview.  Enjoy!

GIO                 Jason, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me and my readers! 

Jason            Thanks for having me Gio! 

GIO                 I understand this is your first time in Fort Lauderdale, what do you think about our fine city? 

Jason            Well I have been here for three days now and I cannot say anything bad about it!  I have had a kick ass time down here and everything is awesome.  I cannot wait to come back and have some more fun next time. 

GIO                 Well I am glad to hear you have had such a great time.  You have just finished an amazing show at VooDoo Lounge…how is it for you performing live on stage versus your film work? 

Jason            I really enjoy doing all the film work I have done and performing live on stage is certainly different that doing a movie for sure.  I really like getting up live in front of a crowd and feeling the energy of the crowd…especially if the vibe is right.  Like tonight at VooDoo, the crowd was great and their energy was amazing, I had a blast.


jason hawke voodoo lounge jocks video dvd xxx sex gay male porn star below the belt interview chi chi larue

Jason Hawke at VooDoo Lounge, Fort Lauderdale.


GIO                 Yeah, the crowd was really into you tonight and you gave a great show!  So, how long have you been doing gay porn? 

Jason            I have been making gay porn movies for eight years now. 

GIO                 That is a very long time in the gay porn world.  Why do you think you have been able to maintain such longevity in this industry? 

Jason            I don’t know really…I guess because I try to be as real as possible and keep a good attitude at all times.  I have seen a lot of guys with bad attitudes some in this business and they are out as quick as they come in.  Some guys also get mixed up in the drugs and I have stayed away from all that stuff.  So I mainly just keep it real and have a good time and in turn everyone else seems to have a good time with me. 

GIO                 Well it is apparent that your positive attitude and good natured personality have worked well for you!  Going back eight years ago…what made you decide to get into the gay porn industry and who did you start out with? 

Jason            Actually I moved here from Germany and was living in Venice Beach California at the time and I was approached by an agent who asked if I wanted to work in adult films.  I thought it would be fun and decided to give it a try.  The first couple movies I shot were for Jet Set and then my career started to take off.  Shortly after that I met Chi Chi LaRue and when you meet and work with her you can say you made it…so to speak.  So, the rest is all history since then. 


GIO                 Yes, Chi Chi LaRue is certainly the best person to take an interest in your within the gay porn industry.  As she would say…”Gorgeous!”  (Both Laugh). 

Jason            You mean…”Gorgeous Girl!”  (Both Laugh) 

GIO                 Exactly!  Is there any particular film that you have done that stands out as a favorite of yours? 

Jason            Oh god, I have made between 60 and 70 movies at this point and some were better than others for sure…but I have never had a horrible experience making a movie so it is hard to just pick one  over another because I enjoyed them all in one way or another.  I had an amazing experience working for COLT Studios Buckshot  film Manly Heat: Scorched and we got to go to Lake Powell shoot a movie for a week.  I also got to go to New Orleans with Falcon Studios for a week and that was very cool too.  I really have enjoyed getting to travel in this industry and that is always a nice perk! 

GIO                 Yes, traveling is always a blast!  Now you have your own successful website  what can your fans expect when they join your website?


jason hawke voodoo lounge jocks video dvd xxx sex gay male porn star below the belt interview chi chi larue


Jason            The first thing they can expect is to definitely get to know not just Jason Hawke the porn star, but a little more personal stuff about me as a person.  That is my whole goal with my website; to let my fans and the people that have supported me get to know the real me and an inside look into my life.  I have a daily journal on there that tells everything that is going on in my life.  I also have lots of pictures and videos available to members that are of me in my life and of course tons of hard core content as well (Laughs).  I definitely do not want it to be just like the other porn sites our there, I want it to be fun, personal and sexy. 

GIO                 So you are also shooting your own content for your site now as well I hear? 

Jason            Yes, I am producing and shooting my own hot hard core scenes that can only be seen on my website. 

GIO                 That is awesome!  You have certainly had a great career for the past eight years.  Where do you see the next eight years of your career going? 

Jason            That is a very good question Gio.  Because I love being in the industry, I seem myself still working within it.  At a certain point in time I want to step behind the camera and get more into directing films. 

GIO                 You mentioned that you grew up in Germany and now live in the USA.  What are your favorite cities to travel to in the USA? 

Jason            Well I live in LA right now and that is my city of choice.  My number one getaway place is NYC because I love the energy of that city.  I really enjoyed Atlanta and now that I have been to Fort Lauderdale, I would put that up there as a new favorite and cannot wait to come back!  San Francisco is another place that I really like to getaway too on occasion. 

GIO                 Aside from the porn industry, what are you passionate about in life? 

Jason            Well the number one passion in my life right now is my boyfriend.  We actually just had our six month anniversary yesterday and he is      by far my number one passion (Big Smile).  I am also passionate about going to the gym and working out. 

GIO                 Boxers or Briefs? 

Jason            Briefs if I have to wear something…but usually I do not wear anything (Big Grin).


jason hawke voodoo lounge jocks video dvd xxx sex gay male porn star below the belt interview chi chi larue

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GIO                 Dogs or Cats? 

Jason            Oh…that is a tough one.  I guess cats, but I do love dogs too.  I want to have one dog and one cat. 

GIO                 If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? 

Jason            A Cat!  Because they are cool and laid back. 

GIO                 If I were to ask your two closest friends what your best qualities are, what would they tell me? 

Jason            Man, I wish they were here for you to ask them!  I think they would say that I am very loyal and I would do anything for them.  A lot of people throw the word ‘Friend’ around too loosely and for me I would consider that I have about 10 – 12 people that I would truly call my friends and for me I consider them to be part of my family. 

GIO                 That is great and loyalty is a great quality!  What do you think they would tell me was the one area you needed to work on and improve? 

Jason            Wow, another good question! (Laughs)  I think they may say that I need to tone down my lifestyle a bit.  All of my friends here in the USA and Germany know that I do porn, and they support me in it and think it is cool.  But, they also think it is a crazy business sometimes too and maybe they would like me to slow down a little within the industry. 

GIO                 Yes, the porn industry can and is crazy at times for sure.  However, you seem to be well grounded and because of that you have managed a very good long career in it.  Speaking of the craziness of the porn world, what do you and your boyfriend like to do when you are not working to chill out and relax? 

Jason            We actually like to take a lot of little getaways together.  We go to Big Bear and Palm Springs a lot on little weekend getaways and that is fun.  Even this trip to Fort Lauderdale…we were lucky enough to travel together here because he was attending the Internext Convention down here and we were able to mix a little business with pleasure and share that with each other.  Mainly we both like to have a good time and enjoy life with each other.


jason hawke voodoo lounge jocks video dvd xxx sex gay male porn star below the belt interview chi chi larue

Jason and Boyfriend Eddie at VooDoo Lounge


GIO                 How was the Internext Conference for the both of you? 

Jason            It was amazing for both of us and I can honestly say we had a really good time at the conference and getting to see Fort Lauderdale.  The Westin Diplomat is an amazing hotel and we got to go jet skiing together today in the ocean and for a working vacation, it was awesome! 

GIO                 I love when you can mix business with pleasure!  Do you plan on doing a lot more live appearances around the country? 

Jason            Yes, I have doing the live appearances for the past three years and I am looking forward to doing a lot more hopefully.  It is funny, because I have performed in just about every major city and state and now I finally got to come to Fort Lauderdale/Miami for the first time and that completes all the big cities in the USA!   

GIO                 Well now you can start all over again and go back to all those other cities and of course come back to Fort Lauderdale.  I understand you are now represented by Howard at FabScout Entertainment for your live bookings? 

Jason            Yes, he booked me at this appearance as our first booking together and I am looking forward to working with FabScout on more events.  I am looking forward to going back to visit all those cities again. 

GIO                 Is there anything else you would like to share with you fans? 

Jason            Yes, thank you to all of you for being such loyal fans and be sure to check out and if they want to they can also find my on MySpace at   Feel free to Email me and ask me personal questions and they will get a response from me. 

GIO                 Last question.  Since you have been in the industry for eight years, what advice do you have for anyone wanting to pursue work as a gay porn performer? 

Jason            Just to be yourself and this business is what it is.  You need to   recognize that you will not become the next Jake Gyllenhaal doing this type of work, but if you stay away from drugs and keep a good attitude you and have a nice career within the porn industry.  I would also say you have to remain humble and be appreciative of the opportunities presented to you and be smart about your choices you make.  Oh yeah…again STAY AWAY FROM THE DRUGS (Emphatically stated). 

GIO                 That is excellent advice! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! 

Jason            Thank you Gio, it was fun!


jason hawke voodoo lounge jocks video dvd xxx sex gay male porn star below the belt interview chi chi larue

Jason Hawke Chillin out at VooDoo Lounge, Fort Lauderdale.