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Gio Goes Below The Belt With

Tamas Eszterhazy


 Tamas Eszterhazy Tamas Esterhazy

© Photo courtesy of Buckshot DVD 

GIO                 Tamas, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me! 

Tamas           You are welcome 

GIO                 I understand you are from Budapest, Hungary and you also lived in Milan, Italy.  Tell me about growing up in Budapest, moving to Milan and then coming to the USA. 

Tamas           I like Budapest.  The architecture is lovely.  Beautiful City,  Milan was ok. USA is my best place.                       

GIO                 Where do you live now? 

Tamas           Budapest 

GIO                 How would you define your sexuality?

 Tamas           Gay 

GIO                 It seems that the men in Hungary (at least those I see in porn) are all very sensual, extremely well endowed and passionate. Is that a fair assessment of the men from your country? 

Tamas           YES…I am a example. 

Tamas Eszterhazy

© Photo courtesy of Buckshot DVD


GIO                 Is porn as popular in your country as it is here? 

Tamas           Not so popular.   

GIO                 What is the general perception of the public in your country toward homosexuality? 

Tamas           No one really cares either way. People are free to be what they want. 

GIO                 At what age did you have your first sexual experience with a male and how was that experience for you? 

Tamas           17 years old (10 years ago) It was a scary experience with a friend. 

GIO                 At what age were you first exposed to porn and what did you think about it when you first saw it? 

Tamas           18 years old and I was hooked!  

GIO                 How did you get your start in porn and what made you decide to do this type of work? 

Tamas           I started as hobby.  Nice hobby.  Catalina Producer offer role to me. 

GIO                 In a short period of time you have worked with some of the industry’s most well known studios including Titan, Buckshot, Raging Stallion, Kristen Bjorn, Catalina and more.  How did you go about getting noticed by all these studios? 

Tamas           Because I am an awesome bottom and good actor and I have great tattoos. 

GIO                 You were voted the “most wanted bottom of the year,” who gave you that title? 

Tamas           It is an industry title given by how many studios try to film a star who is bottom. 

GIO                 Which video has stood out as a favorite for you at this point? 

Tamas           I’m proud of all films.  I think I have more to film then I will have a favorite. 

GIO                 Do you watch yourself in the videos when they are released? 

Tamas           YES because I want to learn to be better. 

GIO                 Do you family and friends know about your porn work? 

Tamas           YES, Everyone knows about my sex with men and porn.  They love me. 

GIO                 Is there a particular scene partner that stands out as a favorite for you so far? 

Tamas           NONE YET, STILL WAITING… 

GIO                 One of my favorite things to watch in porn is the bloopers that happen while filming.  What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you while shooting a scene? 

Tamas           Brawlers Movie.  I got knocked out by accident but it was not in the movie.      

  Tamas Eszterhazy

© Photos courtesy of Mustang Studios


GIO                 I have seen your performance in Buckshot’s Big Rig and it is a totally hot 3-way scene!  How was doing that location shoot for you and working with Buckshot? 

Tamas           I like them.  The shoot was fun and very hot.  I got sand in my ass though… 

GIO                 In Raging Stallion’s Manifesto, your erotic energy is captured in a very hot solo scene clad in leather.  Tell me about working with the legendary Chris Ward and the experience of doing this film for you. 

Tamas           Very Kind Man, and good direction and good feeling. 

GIO                 You are performing at Cupids Cabaret in West Palm Beach, what can your existing (and sure to be new fans) expect from your live performances? 

Tamas           I dance, get naked, and I will tease the crowd and second show I will jerk off and maybe find hot top to prove I am best bottom. 

GIO                 What do you like most about performing live? 

Tamas           I have never performed live…this is my first time!      

GIO                 Wow, that is cool. What is your biggest sexual turn-on? 

Tamas           Butch Man, Hairy Chest, Nice Dick, Total Top. 

GIO                 What turns you off? 

Tamas           Bottoms, Twinks     

GIO                 What do you consider is your best feature?  And you worst feature?      

Tamas           Face (EYES) 

GIO                 You are still pretty new to porn and many of your videos have not hit the shelves yet.   Have you been recognized in public yet for your work? 

Tamas Eszterhazy

© Photo courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios 

Tamas           Yes often people say I saw you in video.     

GIO                 If you could pick anyone to co-star with in your next video, who would it be and why? 

Tamas           No one I can think of. 

GIO                 Do you like it hard and rough or soft and sensual? 

Tamas           HARDER THE BETTER  

GIO                 Is there significance to your tattoos?  

Tamas           I designed them and my good friend who is a master tattoo artist put them on me.  More work to do though… 

Tamas Eszterhazy

© Photo courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios 

GIO                 On film you have been a top and a bottom.  You seem are known as a great bottom though…do you have a preference in your personal life? 

Tamas           YES BOTTOM 

GIO                 Is there anyone special in your life right now? 

Tamas           Yes, my husband and doggies. 

GIO                 I see you have a website under construction (  When it is complete, what can fans expect to see when they visit your site? 

Tamas           3 months.  Information about me and pictures and film information. 

GIO                 What is the wildest sexual experience you have ever had? 

Tamas           I guess when I was double fucked for the first time.  I actually was not expecting it but they forced me to take both big cocks. 

GIO                 Is there one particular sexual experience you have not fulfilled yet and care to share with the readers? 

Tamas           This is my fist interview and that is an embarrassing question. 

                        But my answer is to be conquered and raped by guys and have no control.  To have them use my ass the way they want! 

GIO                 HOT! What is the best pickup line ever used on you?  What is your best pickup line?  

Tamas           I don’t have one…I just smile and that seems to work

 GIO                 Lights on or off during sex? 

Tamas           ON… If there is mirror I like to see cock slide in and out of my hole

GIO                 Boxers or briefs? 

Tamas           No underwear 

GIO                 Dogs or Cats and why? 

Tamas           My Doberman, they are my babies. 

GIO                 If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? 

Tamas           Dog because they fuck in the position I like 

GIO                 Aside from porn, what are you passionate about in life? 

Tamas           Gadgets 

GIO                 Is there anything else that you would like to share with the readers about yourself? 

Tamas           Becuase they will be a part of my first live show and I know it                            will be fun, sexy and even funny because I know I will make                             mistakes and I can have fun with them.  I can be human for them



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 Tamas Eszterhazy



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