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Gio Goes Below The Belt With Raging Stallion Exclusive Tag Adams!  


Tag Adams


Tag Adams
Raging Stallion Exclusive
2005 Grabby Winner Best Performer of the Year
2005 GayVN Performer of the Year
2005 Grabby Winner Best Duo Sex Scene
2004 GayVN Winner Best Sex Scene
2003 Grabby Winner Best Duo Sex Scene
2003 Grabby Best Duo Scene
2003 Grabby Winner Best Newcomer



April 4th, 1972

Birth location:

Hanover, Pennsylvania

Penis size:

7" cut




155 pounds

Eye color:


Hair color:







Chet Roberts


© Photo Courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios

Tag Adams took South Florida and Cupids Cabaret by storm over Memorial Day weekend for his first ever nude appearance in this part of the country.  A shy person by nature and an aggressive bottom on film, Tag has exploded on to the gay porn scene over the past 3 ½ years.  He is a GAYVN Multi-Award winner and after working with the biggest studios in gay porn, he has just signed an exclusive deal with Raging Stallion where he will not only perform but write and direct two films this year.  This multi-talented man is a rare breed amongst porn stars in that he is very humble about his success and tends to shy away from the bright lights of LA.  Living in Washington DC with his partner of 11 years, he has found a balance between his personal and porn life that keeps him grounded.  He arrived at my home with a suitcase filled with leather gear and much to my surprise a few DVD’s of the “Golden Girls,” his favorite TV show he told me.  “I just love watching that show and it helps me to unwind and laugh” he stated.  A self proclaimed geek as a child who was taunted and beaten up by a bully whom he later took his name as his first porn name (Chet Roberts) in an effort to get back at him; Tag has reinvented his image a few times and is now very comfortable within his own skin.  The following interview is a rare glimpse into this man’s life and he reveals for the first time ever how he really got his porn name of Tag Adams.  You read it first here folks!  Enjoy…

GIO     Tag, thank you for sitting down with me for this interview. 

Tag     You are very welcome.  I am always very open about what I do. 

GIO     Open huh? (Both laugh)  That is a good thing, especially with you!  Welcome to Fort Lauderdale.  I understand this is your first time performing in South Florida and at Cupids Cabaret?

Tag     That is true…the only other time I was here was for White Party with Chi Chi LaRue a couple years ago for the big circuit party. 

GIO     That’s cool.  I know you have performed live quite a bit…what do you enjoy most about getting in front of a live audience? 

Tag     I like feeding off the energy they have.  It is like a give and take because usually I tend to be more shy and reserved when I am away from performing.  When I am back stage I am like…oh my god!…and then once I get on stage “Tag” kicks in and the energy starts going back and forth…it is almost like I black out on stage and when it is over I am like…oh wow, that was fun! (Big Laugh) Let’s do it again!  For me, just meeting the people and traveling is the most exciting part.  I have gone to places I would probably never have gone to if I were not performing.  I also get to see all types of people…from Doctors, Lawyers to the Married White Trailer Trash men as well (Laughs) and all kinds in between.  But, they are all interesting in their own right and we all have one thing in common…we like dick (laughs)! 

GIO     I understand you were able to take in a few of the clubs here in Fort Lauderdale, did you have a good time? 

Tag     Well it was very quick, my booking manager Howard of FabScout took me to about eight clubs and we spent a little time in each, but it was a good time.  It is a different scene down here in Fort Lauderdale, I do not know if that is all of South Florida or just here, but it was not what I expected...Totally Hot men here though!  I also learned about all the other studios producing porn down here that I never knew of and the dealings that go on in the adult industry down here.  I thought I knew everything about porn, but I learned some new stuff here.  Of all parts of the country, who knew so much was going on down here (laughs).  Of course I wish I could have had more fun… (Grinning) if you know what I mean? 

GIO     Speaking of having fun, with men that is, what do you look for in play? 

Tag     Definitely the ones that…umm…not so much the cocky ones, but a guy who is not afraid to approach you and tell you what they want!  Of course a great personality and energy are a must as well.  I want a man who knows what he wants and goes for, not the wishy washy type or the guys who want to re-enact a scene I did on film (laughs). 

GIO     Speaking about your scenes in porn…you are a GAYVN multi-award winning performer who is known for your great ass and great scenes.  After only 3 ½ years in the business you have become one of the most recognized performers in gay porn, what do you attribute your success to in this industry?


© Photo Courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios 


Tag     First of all I am thinking it is all down hill from here (Huge Laugh) after hearing all that!  Geez…  Getting real about it, I think a lot of it has to do with keeping myself separated from the business.  Everyone wants me to move to LA and get more involved out there. Over the years I have scene too many people do that and get caught up in the scene and then crash and burn.  I keep my 3,000 mile distance from LA and I appreciate both worlds, but keep them separate.  When I shoot, I will stay around to make sure it is a good scene overall and I am very involved with making sure the finished product turns out great.  I am also not just in it to collect a quick buck and move on.  So for me it is the work ethic and keeping myself separated from the business somewhat.  It is also my partner, who helps keep me grounded…even though I fight against that sometimes, but I always say that if I did not have that rock at home there is no telling where I might be. 

GIO     That is great that you are in a grounded relationship and I believe you told me that you and your partner have been together for 11 years?  He must be very supportive! 

Tag     Yes, but sometimes it is a double edged sword for him.  One minute he is like…”I do not want you doing this any more”…and the next he is introducing me to people as his porn star boyfriend (Laughs).  And in his line of work, he has two images as well, so it can be stressful at times since he is a police officer.  The officer in him and Tag Adams may not always get along (Laughs) but the real us get along great! 

GIO     That can be tricky at times I am sure! Speaking of Tag Adams, how did you get your porn name? 

Tag     This will be the first time I reveal the real answer…so you heard it hear first folks!! (Laughs)  Actually it was from a Friends episode where Rachel went to work for Ralph Lauren and they give her a male secretary named Tag.  I heard that name at the same time I was searching for my porn name and I was like…hmmm…the marketing on that name could be good and the play on words that could be done like…“Tag you’re it” or “Tag Team”…and they have all been used since.  The first time I saw my name in print it said “Tag you’re It Adams”, so it all worked out.  Adams came from the county I grew up in Pennsylvania.  

GIO     You grew up in Pennsylvania, what were you like as a kid? 

Tag     I was the geeky nerd that got beat up all the time.  I was very frail, I had ringlets in my hair (because it was so curly) I wore blue tint wire rimmed glasses and had braces with a head gear… (Huge laughter) 

GIO     Wow!  Well you have certainly blossomed into a very hunky looking man! 

Tag     Awww thanks Gio! 

GIO     What made you decide to pursue porn 3 ½ years ago? 

Tag     It was actually the suggestion of my partner.  We were buying a house at the time and he said to me why not start dancing or something to make extra money so we can really get the house we want.  I am the type that gets bored very fast and I want to take things further and further…so I danced in DC for about 3 months and then I said let’s send some pictures of me to studios and see what happens.  Hardly a minute went by after we sent those pictures and Chi Chi replied back saying “What happened to you?  I wanted to work with you 10 years ago when you did that Falcon movie.” (Laughs)  She and Titan Media were the first ones to respond to me. 

GIO     So, you worked for Falcon 13 years ago? 


Tag     Yeah, I worked for them once back then under a different name.  At that time, it was a getting back at the High School years thing for me and I only did the one film.  The name I used back then was the bully who harassed me all the time when I was in school. 

GIO     Really?!?  What was your name back then? 

Tag     Chet Roberts was the redneck who used to beat me up.  When I got back into porn 10 years later, I was over that part of my life and did not want to be associated with that name anymore.  But, Falcon made me keep Chet Roberts when I filmed with them for two years, so I had both names out there for a while.  But, in the last movie I filmed for Falcon, they finally let me use Tag Adams.  So, Chet Roberts is officially retired now. 

GIO     That is such a cool story!  What a way to get back at a bully!  I love it!  So, is there a particular scene that stands out as a favorite for you over the past 3 ½ years back in porn? 

Tag     Probably the first film I did when I came back for Chi Chi called Detention.  First of all, I had the whole stigma of performing for Chi Chi and thinking “I have to be on” and “I have to deliver,” I was a nervous wreck. (Laughs) And, my first scene partner was with Chad Hunt, so I had that aspect to deal with as well (Big Laugh).  I kept saying to Chi Chi…can I please try it out first before we start filming to get used to it…and she was like “No, I want to see your real facial expressions” (Laughs) and I was like..OK.  In the directors cut it is also a watersports scene and that was the first time I had ever done water sports on film.  It was the first and only time I was able to GIVE as well as receive the watersports, since them I have always been the receiver in my scenes (Laughs).  So, for whatever reason…perhaps the porn gods were over me while shooting with Chi Chi that first time…since then, she and I get along great.  One year later that scene won a GAYVN for best sex scene.  Chi Chi is the biggest care giver and we are both very down to earth people and get along very well.


Detention  Detention


GIO     Now you are signed as an exclusive with Raging Stallion.  What made you decide to sign exclusive at this point in your career after having the flexibility of working with all the studios? 

Tag     Yeah, I kind of did it backwards huh? (Big Laugh) most people sign exclusive at the beginning and then branch out.  Before the exclusive offer came along, I did work for just about every studio out there, except for COLT because they never hired me (laughter) that is a running joke with me because every time I see those guys we laugh about it…they say “and who are you? (Big laugh).  So, I narrowed my choices down to a few like Chi Chi and Raging Stallion.  For me it was not a hard decision because under my contract with Raging Stallion, Chi Chi is an exception and I can still do work for her. 

GIO     That is great, so you get your cake and you can eat it too!  Good for you. 

Tag     Yeah, and the big new option for me under Raging Stallion is that I will be directing and writing for them as well.  Under this contract I am writing and directing two films this year and starring in five.  I want to be appreciated for more than just my sexual talents on film and I will get to utilize my creative talents.  So for me, Raging Stallion and I are a good match because we have similar visions in the way we think. 

GIO     Can you reveal anything about the type of films you are writing and directing for Raging Stallion? 

Tag     Well one of the films is a little close to home for me in that it revolves around stories from the police department.  It is not the typical uniform type cop film that has been overdone, but a little grittier.  The other will be bringing back sort of the older genre of gay porn, more of the type that I like to watch now without giving it all away. 

GIO     Cool…so we can look for those sometime in 2007? 

Tag     Let’s see, I just signed the contract…so, yeah it will probably be released sometime around then.  For me the greatest think now is casting people, because I know what it is like being a model.  I now have people coming up to me asking to be in my movies, so that is cool. (Laughs) 

GIO     Aside from writing and directing those films, will you also be performing in those films as well? 

Tag     Yes, Chris Ward wants me to be in one scene each and he will direct those scenes the way I want them directed.  Chris is getting more into the business side of the industry now because their company is growing so much. 

GIO     Well it sounds like you made a good decision in signing exclusive with Raging Stallion, congrats! 

Tag     Thank you.  They have come a long way along with Chi Chi and it is great that everyone is meshing together very well.  It is two different worlds with Chi Chi and Raging Stallion, but it is great that everyone has come together to make this deal work. 

GIO     You know it is interesting you mention that.  I do not know if you can comment on it or not, but it seems that the studios are starting to work more closely with each other than in the past.  Chi Chi just acquired All Worlds Video in an incredible deal making her the largest producer of gay porn.  Why do you think that the studios are…for lack of better words…playing nice with each other these days? 

Tag     For one thing, with all the new regulations like 2257 coming down under the Bush administration, it is like power in numbers.  In some ways they have form relationships to fight for the rights of the industry.  Instead of fighting amongst themselves and the regulations it is like they are coming together to have one voice.  Also, a lot of the directors are changing and more and more actors are becoming directors and it is much easier for an actor to direct porn because they know what it is like in front of the camera.  Michael Brandon is a good example of that; he is a great performer and a great director. 

GIO     I know you have your own website as well at, what can the fans expect when they visit your site?   

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Tag     The site is changing a bit with the Raging Stallion deal and I am going for a more edgy look and feel.  I used to use the dog tags as sort of a symbol on my site, but I am now incorporating a cross into the “T” in Tag and making it more edgier. I will be doing live web cam shows from my home if Washington DC.  My appearance schedule will be on there, along with forums and galleries that are updated every couple months.  So the web cam stuff is very new as my house has just been wired for all that stuff. 

GIO     Is it your whole house or just a room. 

Tag     No, not the whole house like Real World or something, but a room in my home where I will do the shows (Laughs).  With my partner being a police officer, that would not work so well. 

GIO     So he will not be performing on cam with you then. 

Tag     Well…umm..he…Our worlds did collide one time on Chi Chi LaRue’s Live and Raw show and we did a 3 hour scene together once.  After it was over I said to him, when was the last time we spent having sex for 3 hours together?  This could be good for our relationship (Big Laugh) and we get paid! 

GIO     (Laughing) Perhaps I need to try that with my partner! (Both laugh) 

Tag     Well he wanted to do it and he had been on a lot of the sets with me and he knew how it was and that it was not just one big sex party.  He also knows it is a business and a lot of work. 

GIO     That is great that you two could share that with each other.  Is there any significance to your tattoos?



Tag     Well I have always liked tribal art and right after I left my corporate job I got the one on my back which I designed and then I designed the one under my arm.  They do not have any particular significance, but I always thought that if you put tattoos on your body they should have some synergy or a certain theme to them.  I guess that is the design person in me and not the deep meaningful thing like some people have about tattoos.  I appreciate the people that have all the meaning in their tattoos but for me it is just about the design and look.  They are working on designing a new one to cover up the one on my ankle which links me with my ex-boyfriend that I do not want anymore.  I will also be adding the cross that I designed for the website to my back perhaps above my ass crack (laughs) my holy land (Big Laughter) 

GIO     Speaking about the Holy Land of Tag Adams, I would be remiss if I did not talk about you being an insatiable bottom.  On film you are an aggressive bottom, are you the same way in your personal life? 

Tag     I prefer the aggressor role in real life as well.  But, through filming I was able to experience things that I had not done in my personal life, such as watersports.  The Tag side has shown me some new things to bring into my personal life as well. 

GIO     Is there a particular sexual fantasy that you have yet to fulfill and can share? 

Tag     I keep changing it because I keep fulfilling them (Big Laugh).  Before it was a gang bang, but I have done that now.  Now, I would like to be blindfolded and gang banged without seeing what the men look like and never see them again.  My partner is like…”What’s next!  I cannot get 30 guys in the bedroom as once (Huge laugh)!”  I guess in this business that is one of the negatives, because you really become numb to normal sexual pleasure like one-on-one sex, etc.   

GIO     I totally understand what you mean.  Since being immersed in the porn industry, my passions have changed as well when it comes to sex. 

Tag     Yeah, exactly!  I am always asking other porn stars what excites them and we all have the same answers.  Perhaps I need to do a complete 360 at some point and go back to romance…(Laughter). 

GIO     Aside from porn, what are you passionate about in life? 

Tag     Animals is a big thing for me.  I donate time and money to animal charities in DC and want to move out of DC sometimes so I can have more animals.  There is an organization in DC called Pets DC that helps people who have AIDS care for their animals while they are going through treatments and I volunteer with that organization.  I totally understand the love a pet.  I also love Interior Design and that is what I went to school for and what I was doing before my calling into porn (laughs) so to speak.  I am trying to get back into it a little part time, but my travel schedule has picked up a lot which makes it hard.


Tag napping on Memorial Day (in my bed) with my dog Angel - awwww


GIO     Now it all comes together, the symmetry in your tattoos, your creative writing abilities…your passion for animals, it all ties into that creative side you have.  Now I get you! 

Tag     Yeah, you know I did not plan on all of this it just sort of evolved and has worked out well. 

GIO     Complete this sentence; the greatest thing about being a porn star is… 

Tag     The meeting of people all over the place.  Through my website, I have communicated with people all over the world and it has really opened my eyes to people’s lifestyles and their problems.  I never had any problems with coming out of the closet, but every day I get Email from guys struggling with their sexuality and it is very uplifting to be thought of as someone that people would reach out to.  I never thought of myself as a role model or anything like that and too have people reaching out to me us humbling.  I mean every time I appear live it amazes me that people come out to see me.  I am just a normal guy that is pretty boring when home.  I like to lie around in my sweats and watch the Golden Girls. 

GIO     The worst part of being a porn star? 

Tag     For me it would be going out with friends.  Sometimes that is difficult when I just want to be with my friends and people are coming up snapping pictures and asking for autographs and stuff.  My friends get distracted and it can sometimes ruin a good night out.  I mean I really appreciate having fans, but it can be a double edged sword.  A lot of things have changed for me and I now like to stay at home more often.  But, of course it is also very nice being recognized; especially after working on my image so hard over the past few years. 

GIO     I understand that there is a certain type of celebrity that goes along with being a well known porn star.  I recently asked my readers what constitutes a porn star and whether or not that term is used to freely.  What are your thoughts? 

Tag     I think the term porn star is used way too freely in our industry. 

GIO     Like, I jerked off on a website and now I am a porn star. 

Tag     Exactly (both laugh) It is like a little Hollywood and in the industry you have the awards, promotions, appearances and all that stuff.  Not everyone who gets naked in front of a camera is recognized for their body of work.  I have been lucky because it can be a very short run for most people, especially in gay porn. 

GIO     You are correct and a long career in gay porn is usually about 3-5 years. 

Tag     Yes, they say that if you get 3 years you are lucky.  At the end of my three years I figured that if it ends that is ok with me.  But, now here comes the next wave for me (laughs) so I am a lucky one. 

GIO     I do not think it is so much luck as much as smarts and in your case you are one of the smart ones who has made a good career for yourself. 

Tag     Well I am very much looking forward to it and I thank you for the confidence. 

GIO     Well I know you need to get going soon, are there any other new projects or films coming out that we should know about? 

Tag     I do have two new films coming out of editing featuring my shaved head which is a new look for me.  One is with Chi Chi called Leather Sessions with her new exclusive Tyler Riggs and he duck tapes me to a toilet and we go at it!  It was a fun scene and apparently he asked Chi Chi to work with me, so that made it even better for me because we were really into each other.  The other film is for Raging Stallion and it is called Ass Quest.  I then have a big photo shoot with them in June and Kent Taylor will be doing the photos and he is not afraid of going outside the box on his photo shoots.  We are going for the shock and awe on this shoot and we are both excited about this shoot.  It will be done during San Francisco Pride.  Hopefully they will get me a magazine cover as I have yet to be on a cover. 


GIO     What?  We need to work on that for you!  Tag Adams should be on the cover of MEN or Unzipped Magazine, come on!  (Both Laugh) 

Tag     It was supposed to happen once, but another studio bumped me.  I say I am the Susan Lucci of porn mags (Big Laugh).

 GIO     Well at least you are winning all the awards every year. 

Tag     (Big Laugh) Well you always want what you cannot have Gio (Laughs) 

GIO     Well I will put you on my cover when this interview runs! 

Tag     That works.  I did see my image on a link to some site called Meat Police though.  My partner loved that one since he is a cop! 

GIO     That is funny!  Again, thank you for taking the time. 

Tag     You are welcome!  You had a lot of different questions from the typical porn star interview and it was refreshing! 

GIO     Well thank you (both laugh) for the complement and keep up the great work! 

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