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I was granted permission by David Forest ( to interview Caesar prior to his show at Boardwalk this past Saturday night.  Needless to say, Saturday night at Boardwalk was totally HOT as it was a private party for attendees of Internext sponsored by ( and Cybersocket Magazine ( Victor, along with his staff and party sponsors provided an excellent evening for all who attended with a nice buffet of food and hot dancers baring it all.  Of course the highlight of the night was the performance of Caesar. I brought Mark with me and we had the pleasure to meet with Caesar prior to the show and bring you this interview.  I want to thank Victor at Boardwalk for being such a great host and the fantastic people at Rentboy and Cybersocket for putting on a great party!


Caesar and Victor Zepka

Caesar and Victor (Owner of Boardwalk)


GIO  I understand that you are being billed as if this is your first Fort Lauderdale live  appearance, have you been to South Florida before? 

C      Yeah, but this is my first time at Boardwalk.  I have been down here a few times.  I was at Resurrection in Miami and Cupids in West Palm Beach a few times.  I have also done several photo shoots in the area as well. 

GIO  Cool, so how do you like South Florida? 

C      I really love the people down here, everyone is so great.  But, the mugginess is killing me; it is so hot right now.  I walked two blocks today and was soaked with sweat (yummy) I actually do not mind the rain in the afternoon; it cooled it off a bit. 

GIO  Yeah, it is humid as hell right now.  I went on your website ( ) and it looks like you have made some recent updates and the overall look has changed. 

C      Well it is always changing; I update it about 4-5 times a week.  I have video clips on there and the web-cam as well. So the clips are always updating and I now   have my forum on there as well.  For a while I was with Badpuppy ( but for about the last year, I have been doing it on my own.  Do not get me wrong, as I am a still a good friend with Badpuppy and the people there are great. I just wanted to venture out on my own and market it more toward the muscle fetish area and so far it is going very well. 

GIO  Well it is a nice site man.  So, let’s go back to the beginning of your career.  I know your were discovered by Chi Chi LaRue back in 1997 and since then you have done 16 movies… 

C      Now it is 17, I just did my solo video for my own production Company in July.  I started my own company called Caesar World Productions.  I am starting out with the solo video and also a workout video, which will be more of a serious video.   

GIO  Cool, so the workout video will help people to get a body like yours? 



C      (Laughs) I do not know about that, but I do have a lot of fans that send me Email and ask about my workout routine.  I get so many of those Emails that it is hard to reply to all of them and give them my routine, so I figured it would be good to put it on video for those that want it. 

GIO  That is very generous of you.  And tell me about the solo video? 

C      Well it is different than most solo videos out there.  (He gives a huge grin) It is Me dreaming about Me stalking Me.  So, I have the Hairy Me kind of stalking the pretty boy, shaved up, smooth bottom boy me.  It is a bunch of different looks of me sequenced together and is totally different than anything done before.  Hopefully it will go over well with the fans. 

GIO  Well as a big fan of solo videos, I can tell you that it sounds HOT and you better send me a copy to review!  Is it on the market yet? 

C      It is in editing right now and will be ready for release in the winter along with the workout video. 

GIO  OK, so now that makes 17 videos.  Going back in time, what would you consider was your overall best performance or favorite scene? 

C      You know I have a few of them I really like.  I really liked the 3rd film I did for Falcon Studios, Sprung by Chi Chi LaRueCowboy pretty much sealed it for    me with the fans by Blue Blake. I think that was a great movie overall and I won best actor for that (he laughs) whatever that means in porn…(making a silly face). Hey, whatever…it was cool.


C      Playing With Fire 3 is the last movie I did for a studio, (All Worlds Video) two years ago.  Chi Chi LaRue directed that and that was probably the best sex I think I have ever had.  I topped Tag Adams while I was getting topped by Joe Foster and that was the first time I did something like that on film and it was totally hot.  It was crazy fun working on that film. I did a scene with Jake Gianelli, who lives around here and he was great to have sex with. 

Caesar Playing With Fire


GIO  Awesome man, so out of all of the movies you have done is there one funny moment that happened on set that you care share with the readers? 

C      (Laughs very loud) the most embarrassing is when I was in my younger years and it is no secret that I had some issues with drugs back then.  While I was shooting a scene, I fell asleep while getting my ass eaten out by Chris Steel.  They actually put that on the bloopers real of that film. 

GIO  Wow, that is odd!  Were you snoring?


C      (Animated laughter) Man I was drooling all over the matt, so you can take that two different ways…either I was really enjoying myself or I was totally out of it!  Actually that whole thing was a wake-up call for me to straighten up my life and get off the drugs.


GIO  Do you ever watch yourself in your movies? 

C      No, not really.  In Cowboy I did watch the movie, not so much the sex scenes, but the acting parts because that was fun doing the acting. 

GIO  That seems to be a common theme with many of your fellow porn stars in that you do not mind watching other porn, but not yourselves. 

C      Actually I do not like watching any porn right now to be honest.  Mainly because I know most of the guys.  When I do watch it, I like the older porn because I do not know the guys in those films.  I mean, I have become good friends with a lot of the guys over the years and I find it hard to watch my friends getting nailed in the keester, I do not want to see that (laughing). 

GIO  I hear ya man, I do not think I watch my best friend getting plowed either. I also enjoy watching the classics from time to time as well.  As I stated earlier, I visited your website and I was impressed with your online biography, it is very thorough.  I liked that you state how people ask you if you are gay, straight or bi and you prefer to not use a label and rather state you are “sexual.” 

C      Yeah, that has become sort of my token slogan and it seems that nowadays more and more people are using that same phrase.  So, to some it may sound strange or corny, but I am just being myself.  If I want to be with a woman, I will and if I want to be with a man I will and I like both.  I even like Trannies… I am pretty perverted! (very animated laughter) and that is pretty good for being a porn star…so there you have it! 

GIO  Well perverted is good! What do you think the perception is today in the mainstream regarding porn performers in general? 

C      You know I think in certain circles it is becoming more accepted and commonplace.  But, overall it still has a long way to go.  I am very honest with people with what I do and I still see some strange looks on people’s faces when I tell them I do porn. (He makes a very animated funny face) you will have trouble translating that face to writing (laughs).  Sometimes they will back off from me like I am some kind of freak and that is fine with me.  It is their prerogative to be like that.  I think it is more accepted in the straight area than the gay side.  More female performers are getting mainstream attention.  How many male porn stars do you know that crossed over, other than Ron Jeremy?  It will probably be a long time before you see a gay porn star actually cross over without a lot of flack.  Before I got into porn I was with Elite Models and I got fired from them after my first porn movie Hail Caesar and I was shocked. 

GIO  How is it for you going out in public and being recognized? 

C      It depends on where I am at really.  I mean in L.A. everybody seems to know you and they are cool and when I am performing at places I expect the crowd to recognize me.  But sometimes when I am in an airport or someplace I see people looking at me and I am not sure if it is from porn or because of my size and appearance.  I mean… I do gay porn and not that many people overall have seen my movies, I mean less movies are sold of gay videos than straight videos, so I really do not know if they recognize me or not from porn.  I did have one woman come up to me and say “are you Caesar?” and I was like, uh yeah…huh?….What did you say?… and she was like “I like your movies” and I was shocked that a straight women was watching.  But it was really cool to! (Big grin) 

GIO  Cool – Boxers or briefs? 

C      Neither!  Free balling…(With that he pulled down his pants and showed Mark and I his business, WOOF!) 

GIO  There you have it! See Mark is even smiling now! (we all laugh)  Very nice man!  If you had to describe yourself as an animal in bed, which animal would you be and why? 

C      Monkey!  Yeah because I am not afraid to do anything and monkey’s are fun!  I mean, watch Animal Kingdom, the monkeys are always having a blast.  Every time I go to the zoo there is always a monkey stroking off in a tree or someplace, so I figured hey…that’s gotta be me!  It may not be the most attractive animal; I should have said Lion or something…. 

GIO  No, I like the monkey analogy and it works for you well (we both laugh).  So, what is the next big thing for Caeser and Caesar World Productions? 

C      In the spring I am going to do a couple more movies with me in them and after that I will probably step aside and see if the videos can do well without me in them.  I am looking forward to directing and since I am pretty perverted I think I will do ok.  The first movie is already written out and should be good.  Let’s just say…think about being abducted…that is the topic of the first movie I am doing. 

GIO  Hmmm..abducted, so we can expect blindfolds, ropes, chains… 

C      Yeah, it will be pretty twisted! 

GIO  I congratulate you on cleaning up your act as you mentioned earlier, that can be a tough road.  What is the best advice you would give to anyone wanting a career in porn? 

C      Thank you for that Gio.  As for getting into the industry, I would tell them to look into themselves and figure out why you really want to do it and is it really going to be worth it in the long run. If they are just doing it for the thrill, they need to think about the negative aspects as well.  People will find out that you do porn and that is not always easy for some people.  If they want to be a Doctor, Lawyer or an Actor, porn may not be for them.  But, if you do not really care about all that stuff, then you need to pick your friends wisely and be in control of what you do on film.  Don’t do it for the glamour of it and Sex, Drugs and Rock-and-Roll may seem fun.  But all things in moderation are better, you can get sucked into the party world and that is tough.  I mean it happened to me and I am a pretty strong willed person.  You have to be careful whom you choose to hang out with.  Realize upfront that this is a job and a business and if you understand that going into it you can have a great career and a great time. 

GIO  That is honest and excellent advise.  Anything else that you would like to share with your fans? 

C      Just thanks for being there!  I appreciate all my subscribers to my website and I look forward to bringing more to the fans in the future.  Oh and I am moving to Vegas, I just bought a house there. 

GIO  Cool, love Vegas!  Just remember,”What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”  (We all laugh) well thank you for taking time to meet with Mark and me tonight.  Have a great show and I look forward to that solo video – woof! 

C      Thanks Gio, it was great man! 

With the interview complete, I took the following photos and as you can see, his body is looking pretty damn good!



Caesar  Porn Star Caesar


Porn Star Caesar  Porn Star Caesar


Porn Star Caesar  Porn Star Caesar


Porn Star Caesar