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Tommy Defendi's Fort Lauderdale Return

Adult Film Star Tommy Defendi is making his return to Fort Lauderdale at Bill’s Filling Station on Friday, June 17 from midnight to 2 a.m. during this year’s Stonewall Street Festival.  The very popular adult film star recently caught up with Mark’s List about his upcoming appearance at Bill’s, interacting with fans, getting started in the business and his favorite co-stars. 

You will be at Bill’s Filling Station in Fort Lauderdale for “Growl” during the annual Stonewall Street Festival.  Are Pride events important to you?

Yes, I will be making an appearance for the “Growl” Party. Pride events are extremely important to me—I have been attending them since I was 15, and I love the energy and the whole reason behind it all. They are all truly amazing in their own unique way.

What is it like interacting with your fans at events?  Do you get hit on?

I love it. Everyone is a lot of fun and you get to just be fun and crazy and make people smile. I love when I meet a fan and takes pics or flirt and it makes their day, it does the same for me. I do get hit on a lot, but hey, I’m in porn and I’m part of a fantasy; that’s what it is all about.

What do you do on your down time when you are visiting a city like Fort Lauderdale?

Well, I love to bring friends with me or just hang out with the friends I made while living down here. I love this city for the beach and shopping, then I love to go down to Miami every now and then to have some fun in SoBe.

Where did you grow up and how did you originally get into the adult film industry?

I grew up in a suburb right outside of Chicago. I liked it growing up, but now I’m happy that I have moved out and seen what else there is out there because it’s a lot better than where I was. I originally got into porn when I moved to Fort Lauderdale. I posted a Craig’s List ad to privately dance and strip and a recruiter by the name Fred from Fierce Scouting founded me and set me up with CollegeDudes247. 

Was it something you always wanted to do, or did you just wake up one day and want to try it out?

Well it was actually thought out a lot, because it wasn’t something I was considering until I was approached..

What’s been your favorite and least favorite scene to shoot? Has anything embarrassing ever happened?

Hmm, got to be careful with this one, never know who is reading—just kidding. I would say the least favorite shoot was my first bottoming shoot. It was terrible. I was in so much pain—I never bottomed before—ever . I was totally new to the whole experience and it showed. I’m sure that everyone found it to be hot because it was cherry poppin’ scene.

Describe what it was like the first time you shot a scene.  Were you nervous, excited, scared? How has that changed?

Nervous is not the word—petrified! I was so shaky on my drive to the set. The guys at CD247 were amazing and really calmed me down though. So they did make the experience a lot smoother. It was a small crew of two, and my scene partner. (Seth Lyons). It was pretty strenuous, but after a bit it wasn’t bad. I’m sure it would be amusing to go back and watch it.

Do you like to watch the final product?  If so, do you watch it and think, “Wow I look hot”?

Honestly, I have watched very few scenes of mine. I tend to go more off of what the fans and bloggers say than what I actually think.

Can you describe a typical day of shooting and what goes into to making the magic happen?

Chemistry! It is the most important part to shooting a scene. I have to click with my partner, so before I shoot I always make sure we get a chance to talk and feel each other out and see what likes/dislikes we have so we can have the ultimate connection on camera. 

Do your friends and family know that you do adult films, and are they supportive?

Oh do they! They know the extents of my porn, escorting, experiences, etc. My mother knows the most, and everyone else knows what I do, but minimal details. Couldn’t be more supportive of me though! They are amazing.

If you could shoot a scene with any other porn star who would it be and why? Do you have a favorite scene partner you have already worked with?

I think I have already had my dream scene. It was Damien Crosse and Donny Wright. Chris Ward shot it and it was amazing! 

Is your career a means to an end for another career, or do you want to continue doing adult films?

I will continue as long as people are still hiring me and my fans are still impressed. I don’t think I will do it indefinitely but I plan on getting a little more time out of it. It’s been three years already. Time flies when you’re fucking. 

Is there anything you would like your fans or the public to know about you that they may be surprised about?

I love sex! 

Images courtesy of RagingStallion.com

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