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Steven Daigle
Steven Daigle 
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Steven Daigle @ Boardwalk
Erotic video star Steven Daigle made an appearance at Boardwalk Gay Bar in Fort Lauderdale
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Steven Daigle
Steven Daigle


From Reality Star to Porn Star! "Gay Cowboy" Steven Daigle, who was part of the 10th season of "Big Brother," is performing live at Boardwalk in Fort Lauderdale on November 12 & 13 with two live shows each night at 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. Read Mark's List's interview with Steven Daigle.


ML: You were on the 10th season of Big Brother.  How was that experience and how did it transition into doing adult films?

SD: Living in the Big Brother house is very boring most of the time, but the experience as a whole is life changing and very exciting.  I met Chi Chi Larue at the Big Brother wrap party. We became friends and she asked me to do porn, so I did.


ML: Is this your fist time performing in South Florida?


SD: No, I performed at Johnny's as well as a club in Miami about six months ago, and I must say I do love it down here and Im totally stoked to be back.  South Florida has some great people.


Steven DaigleML: How many films have you done so far, and what is your favorite thing about doing porn? Were you nervous during your first shoot?

SD: I've been in nine DVD releases and about 10 Internet scenes for various companies.  My favorite thing about porn is the flexibility of my schedule and the travel.  I love variety in my life and porn definitely provides that.  Yes of coarse I was nervous doing my first shoot, who wouldn't be?


ML: What are some of the things you do to prepare for a shoot?

SD: I don't drink for at least two weeks if not more, work out, tan, manscaping, etc.  All the things everyone does to look good.  Of course if I'm a bottom, I don't eat after 6 p.m. the day before the shoot and clean out my ass the morning of. Nobody likes a dirty bottom.


ML: Who are the porn stars on your wish list to work with?  With your experience doing gay rodeos, would you like to incorporate that into some of your films?  A fantasy scene perhaps?

Steven DaigleSD: I've been with pretty much all my favorite A-listers: Erik Rhodes, Aden Jaric, Trevor Knight, Johnny Hazzard and Adam Killian.  I think I'd love to be with Barrett Long, I always was so attracted to him. He is just an average hot masculine next door type of guy but with that beautiful giant uncut cock; one of my favorites.  I've said many times I'd love to do an 'authentic' cowboy scene, not the fake cowboy scenes that all the porn companies sadly produce and are so painful for me to watch.


ML: What are you looking forward to the most as you move forward in your career?

SD: The growth of my website www.StevenExposed.com, which is soon launching a live cam show very soon.  You can follow me on Twitter www.Twitter.com/stevenfrombb10 for updates on my website.  I have very exciting things to be released soon; it's a very different experience from every other gay porn site out there. Check it out and see.