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Rod Daily
Porn Star Rod Daily 
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Porn Star Rod Daily


Next Door Buddies presents Porn Star Rod Daily performing live at Boardwalk in Fort Lauderdale on October 22 and 23 with two shows each night.  Markís List caught up with Rod to talk about his show and life in the porn industry.


Rod DailyML: Youíre performing at Boardwalk this  weekend.  Is this the first time you are performing in South Florida? Do you have any other plans on your down time while you are in South Florida?

RD: I am actually shooting many scenes while I am here. Six I thinkókind  of a rough schedule.


ML: Where are you originally from, and how did you get started in the adult film industry?  How old were you?  What were your family/friend's reaction when they found out you were a porn star? 

RD: I am from New York State, but I live in Vegas now. I donít talk about my family at all, but my friends all know and everything is cool.


ML: What is a typical day of shooting like for you, and what do you look forward to the most during a shoot?

RD: Wow, I look forward to shoots! Gym first,  protein shakes, then listening to the needs of the director and scene partner.


ML: Are you more of a top or bottom during shoots?

RD: I am completely versatile; I do it all.  Well, ALMOST all.


ML: What is your favorite thing about doing adult films, and do you have a favorite scene or scene partner?

RD: I love the camaraderie on set; itís like a family. My favorite partner is Parker London.  Heís a very cool guy.


Rod DailyML: What is it like working with Cody Cummings?

RD: Cody and I are friends and we hang out. He is really a great guy; fun, loving, cool and easy going.


ML: Do you have a fantasy scene that you would like to shoot?

RD: I am a hopeless romantic. I would love to do an outdoor scene in a field with a lake in the background. Sounds funny, but that'd be HOT!


ML: When is your next shoot, and what do you have in store for us next?

RD: I am shooting several scenes for Suite703.com and for BaitBuddies.com while here. Also, in January look for Roddailey.com from NextDoorBuddies.com. My next year is looking awesome!

For bookings contact Howard of Fabscout Entertainment at www.fabscout.com.