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Aiden Leslie Performs The Manor
By Samuel Watson

Aiden Leslie’s “Trying to Leave Now” is about salvaging what is right in a relationship before losing everything. Penned by the artist, the single is the follow-up to “World’s Away”, his song that nabbed the top spot on LOGO’s “Click List” countdown show for four consecutive weeks last summer. He makes his Florida debut performing both songs at The Manor in Fort Lauderdale on Christmas Eve.

"I wrote Trying to Leave Now about a person in my life I have always had deep feelings for,” says the out artist. “We eventually came together but at the wrong time in both our lives, making it impossible to pursue.”

Leslie says he battled with trying to leave while the feelings were still strong and alive. He says it’s important to understand that sometimes, leaving is the only option.

“At some point, you have let go to see where it ends up on its own.”

“The same holds true with life,” contends Leslie. He encourages fans to embrace the truth, even if it means having to part ways with the one you love.

What do you look for in a partner?
At this point in my life, it's attractive to me if I know that the person has lived a little. I want someone that has been around the block a few times, but is now looking for something more rooted. Also, they need to have a belief in something bigger than themselves. I’m looking for someone who has dreams and wants to fulfill them, no matter what.

“Trying to Leave Now” is about a person you loved but at the wrong time in your life. What do you mean by that?
It simply came down to timing. It wasn't the time for us to pursue anything more than what it already had been.

Is there a right time for love?
I don't think it's about right or wrong, it just happens. That is the beauty of love. But I do think that circumstances in one's life definitely can influence the direction it should or shouldn't take.

Where were you going that he wasn’t willing to follow?
We wanted different things. Our needs didn’t match. I had to leave and choose another way for myself, even though the feelings were still there.

Would you follow your true love wherever he went?
I would like to believe that I would find a way to make it work and that he would do the same for me. As I get older, I am starting to see that you must follow your heart. If you don’t, you’ll likely pay a hard price.

World’s Away was a breakout hit. Do you expect “Trying to Leave Now” will be as successful?
When I finish a project, I always ask myself one question: am I satisfied with what I have done? If I answer no, then I would never put it out for the world to see. I try not to approach anything in the sense of its success or failure. In my mind, the simple fact that I did it and I am proud of it means it is successful. I try and leave off any expectations.

What is World’s Away about?
The core of World's Away is about life's journey and the struggles we all go through. It's about realizing where you have been, taking what you have learned and letting it go.

Are all your songs so personal?
Always. For me, sharing my experiences through music helps me grow personally and artistically. Hopefully, the raw truth resonates with the listener and they take away something from it as well.

Have you written about your coming out experience?
I have never written specifically about coming out, but I have written about my life experiences, being a gay man in today's world.
Would you agree that ‘it gets better’?
Yes, without a doubt, but, I will also say that it comes down to choosing it to be better for yourself.

Are you in a good place in your life today?
I'm probably in the best place I have ever been in my life. It’s largely because I have re-connected to my passion. I'm single right now, but I am definitely looking forward to sharing my life with someone. So much in my past has been about settling, but at this point in my life, I won’t do that. My career consumes much of my time. It’s my priority and will continue to be, but I also want to strike a balance between my career and personal life.

What was it like shooting the music video for “Trying to Leave Now”?
Shooting a music video is always a big undertaking. I am one hundred percent involved in every step of the way from concept to the final moment of editing. It's always important to have support along the way. Working with my Creative Director, Robert Vasquez, and the rest of my artistic team was a productive learning experience for me. We raised the bar in terms of production from the last video. Can't wait to do the next one.

What do you want fans to come away with from the video?
"Trying to Leave Now" is an anthem. My goal when anyone listens or watches anything that I do is that they see the journey in all that we are and experience. It's also pays homage to my love affair with NYC, so it's a reflection of my home and my life.

Are you working on new songs?
I'm always working on new material.

When do you expect you will release your new album?
Right now, it looks like a new single will be releasing early in the new year.

Underneath the muscles and pretty face, who is Aiden Leslie?
Just like everyone else, he’s someone longing to be heard and ultimately seeking to find his own way.

Aiden Leslie performs The Manor (2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors) on Christmas Eve. Visit