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Rebecca Glasscock
Interviewed by Stephen R. Lang
Posted 6/21/2009 at 11:07 PM

Age:  28

Hometown:  Puerto Rico & Fort Lauderdale

Currently Residing:  New York City

Favorite Color:  Emerald Green  


Rebecca can be seen in Queens, NY at The Lavish Lounge hosting a very popular karaoke night and welcomes any guests to “Sing for Your Life.”  She will be doing some special events this summer on Fire Island as well as various venues throughout the city.  While visiting Fort Lauderdale Rebecca can always be found at Bill’s Filling Station on Sunday nights for Trannie Palace.  


They say that one incident alone can spawn fifteen different stories.  What would you like to tell people about the True Rebecca vice Television Rebecca Glasscock?


Well first I have to say that I was shocked at how clever editing can vilify a person. They creatively made me look like a total bitch (which I am not).  I think that the editors saw a perfect opportunity to give each girl a "character" and hook an audience and make it an entertaining show.  They picked up on the fact that the other girls hated my guts to make me look like The Bitch. I find it funny when I bump into people on the street and they are almost surprised that I am nice in person when I’m expected to be this Über Cunt. 


Are you a title holder and if so what pageant system?  What qualifications were needed to apply for Drag Race?


I gave up my title of Miss Glamour Illusions this past year. I was also the winner of Drag Survivor 2007, that ironically "prepared" me for RuPaul's Drag Race.  


Now that the show is over, what is in store for you?


The show was such a great experience for me and allowed me to be in front of the cameras, which is good considering I always wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment business. I will start school in the fall for Film/TV and see myself continuing drag and male acting as well. The Theater has always been a big passion of mine and I look forward to new challenges as a performer and living in NY is a better opportunity.  Canal Street is amazing! 


As Second Runner Up, if you have the opportunity to assist Season 2 what changes would you suggest for the Contestants and which Guest Judges would you like to see?


I would suggest all the contestants is to always remember to have fun and to not be so self-absorbed.  It is not only annoying but also a big turn-off to constantly be talking about yourself. A perfect Guest Judge I would love to see would be Simon Cowell. That show would be legendary.  Could you imagine Simon saying: "You were absolutely horrid! Awful! You look like a man in a dress, and not a good looking at that!"


If someone from the media approached you to be a Special Correspondent, what would be your top choices to work for?

Well I would love to work for a travel show as a cultural events correspondent. My dream network would be MTV and the shows Extra or The Soup would be a fun to do as well. 


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?


Continentally, Key West because I always have the best times vacationing there.  Globally, I would love to live in France for a few years. 


Trapped on a deserted island with any Drag Race Contestant, who would you choose to live with and whom would you have Sashay Away to another part of the island?


Well, even though we have made peace and are on good terms, I really wouldn't want to live with any of them (especially on a deserted island). People that honestly know me know that I am a HUGE hermit and like to spend time by myself in my own space. If there were to be any Queens I would have to bring some of my FL sisters with me because they know how to party! 


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