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The "T-House Project" for the Transgender Community
-by Victoria Michaels

Victoria MichaelsThe “T-House Project,” originally created in 2007, is proud to introduce an entirely new online organization for the transgender community.  The organization would like to invite all new and existing members to take an inside sneak peak at the latest features available and get registered to become part of the newest online resource for the T-Community (Male2Female and Female2Male).  

T-House is a non-profit organization that features an exclusive new website,, which now includes national and local transgender links, health and medical resources for the T-Community, national and local news updates, listings of events and groups, and a special section for Trans-youth. The organization is an initiative funded by the Community Foundation of Broward County and implemented by the Broward Health Department. 

The purpose of T-House is to benefit transgender and gender-questioning residents of Broward County by providing quality information regarding HIV testing, HIV/AIDS related services and providers, assistance regarding service access, and determining those eligible for Ryan White funded services. Fully implemented by the by the Broward County Health Department, the organization provides a myriad of additional information including easy accessibility to important information on HIV / STD testing, an events calendar, special topics and nationwide articles to keep you in the know while addressing the growing needs within the transgender community. 

Recently, T-House introduced their THIA program, “Transgender Health in Action,” a local initiative under the guideline’s of the nationwide CATCH assessment developed by the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health at the UCSF. The goal of THIA is to provide mentorship to newcomers, a sense of well being and self worth, safety issues, prevention, and dealing with stigma within the local transgender community. 

”The T-House Project and THIA don’t just work to cover matters concerning health care,” said Jodi Ihme, who is the coordinator of the program. “They are all inclusive programs working to create a community camaraderie through a support and informational system that transgender individuals can call their own. One of our goals is to create a news letter, supported by news worthy articles related to Trans-topics. "I have seen too many good transgender publications turn into a dating zone or dating site with pictures posted of people seeking a companion and that is not what this is about. I know there are transgender individuals out there that do look for substance and quality with educational value and ultimately that is the goal with T-House." 

"We have always looked at this program as an all inclusive organization reaching out to all aspects of the transgender/gender-questioning community—a support system that can cover anything from individual needs to what to expect when transitioning genders.  An area we are also looking at is to develop a comfortable “safe space” for individuals to discuss anything, which also includes sharing information imperative to safety and well being,” Ihme added. 

During the past two years, the “T-House Project” has spent a great deal of time building a comprehensive referral and directory designed to afford service providers. They welcome any information from transgender individuals or service providers to submit their contact information to include in the booklet. It is an ongoing process that requires continued community dedication to keep current and informative.

Additional contact information is Jodi Ihme of Broward Health Department at 954-467-4700 (ext 5604) or and of course we seek your support and promotion by requesting you to "like us" on facebook where you are welcome to add your comments at

More about Victoria Michaels:

"Victoria Michaels has been an established female impersonations entertainer and pageant showgirl for the GLBT Community since 1990 where she started off her drag performing career in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and was two time winner of Miss Pennsylvania America 1995 and Miss Pennsylvania USofA 1999. Victoria went to College of Philadelphia and majored in radio journalism and broadcasting in theater/radio. During her college years she worked for WDEL AM Radio in Wilmington, DE with Carlotta Bradley who is now with the Associated Press. In 1999, while reigning as Miss Pennsylvania USof A, she decided it was time for her to transition from her born (boy) identity into her current gender identity as a pre-op transsexual female. She came to Florida in 2001 and began working as a drag performer at Madam’s Restaurant and Boardwalk Bar as a diva hostess. She went on to capture the coveted title of Miss Florida F.I. in 2008-2012. Victoria also recently accepted a position on the Board for & Transgender Health In Action (THIA)."

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