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Changing Suits
In Between Men is a Change in The Right Direction

“New York passing gay marriage is just one small step,” says Jennifer Gelfer, director of the hot gay web series, In Between Men. “We aim to take the next giant leap.”
In Between Men

At first glance, In Between Men doesn’t appear to be groundbreaking television. It’s often compared to Queer as Folk. But that’s a mistake. The important difference is that the Queer as Folk boys lived in an insular gay world where they ate and breathed the LGBT community. In In Between Men, the guys integrate in New York City's mainstream world – the ‘straight’ world. They’re gay and yes, extremely attractive, but they’re everyday guys living real lives with people from all walks of life. They’re how most gay men truly live - and the normalness portrayed on In between Men may just change the way the mainstream world views the gay community.

Dalton is the lead character of In Between Men. Played by Nick Mathews, Dalton is a young man at the top of his game who finds little in common with the superficiality of most guys in the city. He struggles with a lonely love life, wondering if he should settle for Mr. Almost-Right or hold out for someone better.

Benjamin Reed, played by the Adonis actor Ben Pamies, is the iconic male figure. He is what gay men want to be and be with. Oversexed and promiscuous but also intelligent and successful, Benjamin is a loving friend and family man whose looks outshine everything except his career ambition.

The character of Dane, played by Chase Coleman, is the mirror opposite of Reed. He is naïve in love and his pension for chasing after bad boys gets him in trouble.

“So often, gay men look outside themselves for affirmation of worth,” says Gelfer. “Gay men are not taught to love themselves. They’re told they should be something else, namely ‘straight’. Dane is a product of that. He is the American dream – blonde, handsome, and a doctor – but he doesn’t allow himself to realize what a catch he really is.”

The show points to the one thing people, gay and straight, have in common. We all live in a perpetual state of in-between: in between jobs, in between relationships, friends, family, lovers…

“Everyone is looking for a place to belong, someone to love and a fulfilling career,” continues Gelfer. “The world needs to see that gay men are more than the stereotypical camp characters media has portrayed them to be.”

“They need to see that gay men are no different than everyone else.”
The first season of In Between Men consists of six ten-minute shows. Watch them now at

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