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Hump at China White Nightclub Fort Lauderdale Florida

Picture it, you walk into a New Orleans style building, with three gate keepers on hand.  As you pass through them, thinking you are  firmly planted in Fort Lauderdale's Las Olas district, you are transported to the Middle East's hottest night club.  There are instant distractions to make you fall in love...and not just the boys.  After grabbing a cocktail at the bar to the right and playfully hitting on the straight bartenders, your eyes will pop as you notice a floor to ceiling mirrored elephant.  You will walk past the pumping dance floor with half naked boys to the stairs.  Upstairs is a level not seen within Broward County.  Within this level you will come across another large bar with three hunky bartenders, one being Steve Soto,  and another smaller raised dance floor beating just as hard as the main floor.  You will notice a lot of sitting spaces perfect for lounging around, with curtains and accoutrements to make you feel like you are in Marrakech.   I run into Jordan, host of the Hump Party here at China White, along with his co host Bobby.  One of my friends has purchased a bottle of Grey Goose and now has swarms of friends around him.  I want to take a breath outside on the encircling Southern deck only to make new friends, laugh with old ones, and see complete and utter strangers sharing not-so-secret moments.  As your evening winds down, and as you walk out of the building, you feel like you need to see if you still have your passport, but you never needed it in the first place.  For it is here, at China White's Wednesdays Hump, you went to heaven and, maybe, talked to an Angel. 

-Stephen Lang

Unfortunately, China White has closed.


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China White Fort Lauderdale

109 SW 2nd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301




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