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Gio's Interview with Colt Model Scott Sloan

Exclusive Photos of Body Builder Scott Sloan

New from COLT, Beyond Perfect




Gio Goes Below The Belt with COLT man and physique model

 Scott Sloan

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Scott Sloan while he was in town performing at Boardwalk and VooDoo Lounge.  I photographed his show at VooDoo Lounge and then headed over to Boardwalk for an interview and photo shoot.  At 41 years of age, Scott Sloan is making a comeback (so to speak) as a live erotic performer and banking on his status as a Colt Model to gain attention.  As you will read, Scott is dedicated to natural body building and he loves to perform for gay audiences. 

GIO     Scott, welcome to Fort Lauderdale.  You have been out of the spotlight for a number of years, is this your first time performing down here live? 

SS      About 10 years ago I performed down here.  However, I do not remember the name of the club; it is probably no longer open anyway. 

GIO     Yeah, clubs do come and go over the years.  Boardwalk has been around for a long time though, first in North Miami and now here in Fort Lauderdale.  How has it been performing here at Boardwalk and VooDoo lounge this weekend? 

SS       I have had a great time.  The weather has been great and so are the beaches. 

GIO     You mentioned to me earlier that you hung out down at the famous Elbow Room on Ft. Lauderdale beach, I assume the libations were flowing? 

SS        (laughs) Yeah, had a few beers and watched some sports and the beautiful people. 

GIO     That is cool.  So, you are known as a Fitness Model and erotic performer, how did you get discovered as a COLT model?

SS        The only erotic modeling I have done is for COLT.  Basically I sent them my photos over 10 years ago. The first shoot I did for them was back in 1992. I sent them my pictures because I figured it would help me with going out and doing my live appearances and shows at clubs by being a featured act on the circuit.

GIO     Gotcha, so your intent in modeling nude for COLT was to get more gigs as a feature performer in clubs. 

SS       Yeah, that is basically it and now I am back after about 10 years. 

GIO     Well COLT is known for guys with great physiques and you do have a great build.  What has brought you back to performing liver after 10 years? 

SS       (He looks at his body and smiles) mainly my body.  I looked at the other guys that are on the road and performing live on the circuit and I felt that I could still do it and do it better than them perhaps. 

GIO     So you are managed by David Forest ( for you bookings, did you contact him to handle this for you? 

SS        He booked me 10 years ago and back then I would do 35 – 40 club gigs each year.  So, I have known him for many years and I sent him some new photos of me to Email out to the clubs he deals with in hopes of getting some bookings, and now here I am! 

GIO     You mentioned photos for COLT, but I know you were also featured in the very popular Legendary Bodies video produced by them.



Box Art courtesy of

SS       Yes, I was by myself in that video and just posing nude.  I do not touch myself or anything like that. 

GIO     Yes, you are one of the few COLT men that has not done full solo or hardcore video work, do you think you ever will? 

SS       No, that did not really interest me. 

GIO     How was it performing on film for them versus doing photo shoots? 

SS       Umm – Well I have shot pictures for fitness magazines and I have a portfolio of at least 1,000 photos of various body building and fitness modeling jobs I have done.  So the COLT stuff is the only nude photos I have ever done and they were great to work with.  However, now that I am back in the game (so to speak) if there are any clubs out that that want to contact me for a booking, I am game.

GIO     Well that is good to know.  I had a brief opportunity to look at your website and it is very nicely put together.  Tell the readers what they can expect if they were to join your site. 

SS        Well I have a live web-cam on my house 24 hours a day, so they can watch me do just about anything in my house.  From eating, showering, hanging out with my buddies shooting pool, watching sports, me sleeping and stuff like that.  They can see me posing on the site as well as I am getting ready for the world championships in November.  I am in pretty good shape right now and they can see me getting better and better as it gets closer to competition.

GIO    Which world championships are you competing in? 

SS      It is the World Championships for Natural Body Building.  Muscle Mania is the name of the federation.  


GIO     You say Natural Body Building, tell me about being natural versus taking enhancements? 

SS        Well first of all, I have always been 100% natural.  The contest that is in November is only 10 minutes from my house, so it is a natural that I do it to begin with.  I have been body building for about 28 years and I feel confident that I can win this contest.  I do compete in other contests where they do not test for steroids, but I have always been natural.  I also own and run my own sports supplement website, made up of all natural enhancements that are not illegal.   That site is one of my main focuses in life, it is it is a sports supplement super site with over 2,000 products and 75 manufactures.  I built the website and I do all the site design myself. 

GIO     Very cool.  I know you also do production and website design for other clients. 

SS       Yes, I have a home business doing design for other people.  One client was the Playgirl Man of the Year a couple years ago and many others, including women.  I specialize in live web-cam sites for people as well. 

GIO     What is your best advice for someone who is trying to get themselves into the best physical shape possible? 


SS        You have to get organized and stick to the program.  For example, when you leave your house, you need to carry food with you if you are going to be gone for a while.  Protein shakes are great for that.  I was at a bar this afternoon having a couple beers and when I left the hotel I knew I was going to be gone for about 4 hours, so I packed a Ziploc with 2 scoops of protein and some sunflower seeds, and put it in my pocket.  A couple hours later, I stopped having a been and mixed up the shake with some water at the bar and got my meal, then I continued drinking my beers.  It is all about discipline.  I mean, you do not have to go to extremes; it just takes a couple extra minutes to be prepared. 

GIO     So, the diet is the most critical part of having a great physique? 

SS        It is part of it.  You also have to workout and know how to train.  I do not consider myself a body builder, but rather an athlete.  When I go into the gym to weight train, I do it at a very high level.  I am 165lbs and I will dead lift 450lbs or do 400lbs on a squat.  You have to be athletically strong and in tune with your body as if it were a machine.  It is not always about the heavy weight either; it is about the form of your body while you are training.  I alternate between heavy and light days.  You need to be strong in order to build muscle.


GIO     That is very impressive.  So let’s go back full circle for a moment.  You have not performed live for over 10 years and now you are back out doing it.  What drives you to want to perform live for audiences again? 

SS        Well I enjoy it for one and also I know what these guys are getting paid these days.  I figured that at 41 years of age, I look just as good as the guys in their 20’s and I know I can still perform well, so why not get back out and do it!  You saw me tonight at VooDoo Gio, compared to the other guys you interview, I look pretty good right? 

GIO     Absolutely, your physique is great Scott and for being 100% natural I applaud you. 

SS       Thank you!  I am more of that typical guy you would see walking down the street I suppose.  My physique is more of the ideal than the exaggerated.  I think I am more relatable to the average person because I think they can attain a physique like mine rather than a steroid induced body.  I mean, at 41 years old most people think I am in my early 30s and that is due to healthy eating and healthy training. 

GIO     Your skin tone and complexion is great for 41, you look great. 


SS       That is real body building.  The type of body building I do sustains your youth.  So hopefully I can motivate someone to be naturally fit. 

GIO     Aside from the money being enticing to be on the road, what else do you like about it? 

SS       Mainly getting out of the house and traveling is fun for me.  This is a personal thing for me, but I am sure others can relate to it.  I had an English bulldog named Rocky for 11 years and recently he died.  It was very tough on me.  However, now that he is not around, it is easier for me to get away and travel.  So, from that point I now have the freedom to be away from home and not worry about my dog at home. 

GIO     I am sorry to hear about your dog, I can totally relate.  I had to put my dog down 2 months ago as well, she had cancer. 

SS       Oh my god, sorry about that.  That is what my dog had too, so we can totally relate. 


GIO     So what else is new for Scott Sloan?   

SS       Ummm…Well when I do the upcoming competition, I am sure that there will be some more fitness magazine photo shoots and my goal is to get back on the covers again.  One of my previous magazine covers set the all time sales record for - For Men Only Fitness Magazine, I would love to do that again!  I currently do some writing for the fitness magazines as well and working on promoting my supplement website.  Hopefully I will win the World Championship in my weight class.  Now that I am 41, I would like to be the first person to win the Masters and the Open Division in my weight class.  I think I have a good shot at doing it because I do not feel any different than I did 10-15 years ago.  I will also be updating with new pictures and a new design, so stay tuned for good stuff to come.  I also want to produce another fitness video that will be catered toward teenage body building and those over 40 like me. 

GIO     Very good!  Well you will be very busy that is for sure.  I also want to wish you the best in the upcoming body building competitions, I am sure you will do well them all.  Do you plan on body building the rest of your life? 

SS        I got no reason to quit right now; I am just now figuring it all out. So I will do it until I cannot any longer. 

GIO     Good for you!  So tell me, being a straight man, how is it performing in gay clubs for you?

SS       Well everyone is always so friendly and they treat me very well.  The club owners always treat me very well and the audiences seem to be better in a gay club.  Not to mention, not many straight clubs hire male performers. I think gay men appreciate another mans physique regardless of their sexual orientation and I enjoy performing for guys who appreciate what I have done to get my body looking the way it does.


GIO    That is great to hear.  So Victor (Boardwalk owner) has taken good care of you then? 

SS      Yes, he has been great! 

GIO    Well thank you for taking the time to meet with me, you need to get ready for your show here at Boardwalk.  Have an excellent show! 

SS     Thank you Gio, it has been my pleasure. 

After the interview was completed and prior to his show at Boardwalk, I conducted a brief photo shoot with him backstage.  To see full photos of his show at VooDoo Lounge and more exclusive photos backstage visit the Gio Mad Paparazzi gallery which immediately follows this interview.

Gio's Mad PaparazziSM Photo Gallery

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This week's gallery is available for viewing by clicking the image or link below.  Here you will find my exclusive photos of Scott Sloan.

Scott Sloan

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Porn News

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I wanted to take this opportunity to pass on this personal note from award-winning writer/director Jerry Douglas about his newest Buckshot feature BEYOND PERFECT coming soon.  By the looks of it so far, this is the movie we've all been waiting for from the ever-brilliant Mr. Douglas himself!  Here is what Mr. Douglas has to say... 


"As most fans of adult films are now beginning to realize, making an explicit film is not a simple process. We don't just go out and shoot some guys having sex, then duplicate the footage, and send it out to the stores. My latest effort, for Colt Studio Group's Buckshot Productions, BEYOND PERFECT, is no exception.  

For me, the process starts with the writing of the film, followed by the casting, and the assemblage of the crew.  After a lengthy search, I was able to cast in the leading roles, Brad Patton and Jason Kingsley - two amazingly talented men who deserve to be called superstars in an age where the term is vastly overused. Joining them in the third most important role in BEYOND PERFECT is my old friend, the legendary award-winning director, Joe Gage, as their therapist, a non-sexual role. His contribution to this film is every bit as great as Zak Spears' was to BUCKLEROOS.  

Filming - or, as I call it, mining the raw ore - is the most stressful part of making a film for me. The stress level was very low on BEYOND PERFECT, however, largely due to the professionalism and dedication of the fourteen-man cast, not to mention the crew and the dozens of extras who were also involved. By contrast, the most rewarding part of filmmaking for me is the editing of the film, during which the "raw ore" is smelted down and shaped and polished and burnished into what I always hope will turn out to be a work of art. After the film is wrapped, I have tapes made of every frame of raw footage I've shot, and I take them back to my home in New York where I study them at length and begin to piece together on paper the quilt that will eventually become the first rough cut.   

During this process, I have the opportunity to study each frame, and the star power of these three men shimmers throughout every one of their scenes. In particular, the final scene, which currently runs just about half an hour, turned out beyond my wildest dreams. Although a director is probably the last person in the world to evaluate his own work, I truly believe that this is the best scene I have ever shot. I wish I could take sole credit for it, but the power of the scene, an amazing flip-flop with a surprise twist ending that I have never seen onscreen before, is largely due to the prodigious sexual energy and professionalism of both Patton and Kingsley. I'd like to think that their chemistry and enthusiasm for the project will make the scene as special for their fans as it is for me. 

The paper edit I prepare in New York, which usually takes between four and six weeks, is then sent to the editor, in this case the multi-talented and award-winning Max Phillips who works at the COLT Studio Group offices in San Francisco.  Max then brings this paper edit to life, following my notes and enriching them by adding his own expertise.  Because he also shot the film, he has a greater knowledge of the footage than most editors, and as a result, the post production process, I suspect, will be much easier than it usually is. I'm leaving this Sunday to fly to San Francisco and put the final touches on the film, add the titles and music, and tighten its running time, in order to have it ready for its November release date. I can't wait. I just hope that watching it will be as terrific an experience for fans as making it was for me. 

Happy Viewing, Jerry" 

BEYOND PERFECT will be release in November of 2005.  Keep watch at for more promotional items coming soon!


Joe Gage 

Brad Patton, Jerry Douglas and Jason Kingsley 

COLT was also busy at the Folsom Street Fair.  The following is an Email I wanted to share with the readers along with some amazing photos from the event.  I want to thank Tim Wong and James James for providing these great photographs!  


WOW! What a party we had up here in San Francisco last weekend for the 22nd Annual Folsom Street Fair.  If you were not there you missed quite an event. COLT Studio Group kicked the weekend off right with a COLT 2006 Calendar ( signing at A Different Light Book Store on Castro Street on Saturday night. The store was packed as people tried to push their way in to the store to meet their favorite COLT Calendar Cover Men Carlo Masi and Chris Wide. The COLT Men signed autographs and posed for picture with fans well past 9:00pm  


Chris Wide & Carlo Masi

The next day at the Folsom Street Fair a posing stage was set up in front of the COLT Studio Group booth. COLT Men Exclusives Carlo Masi and Chris Wide posed high above the crowd. They were also joined by our brand new COLT Exclusive Skye Woods between sets.  Folks literally crowded around to snap their own photos of each COLT Man Exclusive as they took the stage for a ten minute pose down in their all-new COLT Leather ( line of clothing. 

Carlo Masi 


            Chris Wide & Carlo Masi                                  Skye Woods & Carlo Masi


Chris Wide 

 “I’ve seen Carlo perform many times for his live shows on, but never dreamed I would be able to meet him in person, “one excited fan squealed, “And he even gave me a huge kiss!”  

It was a frenzy as almost every fan that came to the booth to meet COLT Men Exclusives Chris Wide ( and Carlo Masi demanded to get their very own autographed copy of their new COLT Movie WIDE STROKES and 2006 COLT Men Calendars. 

COLT Studio Group owners John Rutherford and Tom Settle had a great time answering questions and helping the COLT Men sign as many autographs as they could during the whole day. Buckshot director Kristofer Weston was on hand to keep the good times rolling too in celebration to his newest release LeatherBound.  At the end of the day the COLT Men said they had never experienced quite an event or had so much fun and begged us to bring them back again next year! 


Carlo Masi & Skye Woods


Skye Woods 

Kristofer Weston & Tom Settle

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