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A map of 4430 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33406-5720. Click to see the map on MSN Maps & Directions



4430 Forest Hill Blvd.,

West Palm Beach, Florida 33406



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Cupids is changing to Lifestylez a new nightclub aimed at the Gay and Lesbian market in West Palm Beach Florida. Brandy Powell, Cupids Owner will remain the owner of the new venue and she stated “I am very excited about the new venue and I look forward to welcoming all my loyal Cupids customers and new customers to Lifestylez!  At Lifestylez, we will celebrate inclusiveness and give our customers a friendly and fun place to come out and celebrate with us!”



Our own Gio sat down with Brandy and manager AJ Cross and got all of the details. Following is an excerpt. To read the full interview use the link below.

GIO      What is the format going to be for the new venue and are you going to change the name from Cupids?

AJ        The new format starts with a new interior image. We have put in a new large dance floor, new performance style stage for some of the performers we are planning to book.  The new LIGHT SHOW is amazing.  It feels like there are thousands of lights all over the place.  The sound system is being updated and will include wired music.  We are introducing live music and percussion on the weekends as well.

Cupids change to Lifetylez